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[FAQ] CameraFi Live FAQs

CameraFi Live FAQs

If you have any problem while live-streaming, or would like to ask some questions about us, please find your issue or problem at the FAQs below:

  1. YouTube Live Streaming
  2. Facebook Live Streaming
  3. Web Overlay
  4. Video/Audio Source
  5. Real-time Video Editing
  6. Screen Capture Broadcast
  7. Subscription/Payment

We also have various channels that you can ask some questions and find the solution.


l  How to live-stream on YouTube with Under 1,000 Subscribers

To be able to live-stream on YouTube mobile, your channel will need to have at least 1K(1,000) subscribers. However, with Stream Now mode in CameraFi Live, you can broadcast live on YouTube with under 1000 subscribers.

If you' d like to know more about broadcasting live with under 1,000 subscribers, please click here.

l How to verify your account for creating a YouTube Live stream with CameraFi Live

  In order to broadcast live through YouTube, you should verify your YouTube account to proceed with a live broadcasting. Please refer to this link to know more about this.

l How can I change the broadcasting account/channel?

CameraFi Live has modified the way to change your broadcasting account or channel. 

Please click on this link to give you further explanation about this issue

l How to Program a Scheduled Live Broadcast (YouTube)

You can bring a scheduled live broadcast on YouTube, please refer to this link.

l YouTube Community/Copyright strike and what can if I get a strike?

Be careful, while live-streaming, you might be violating YouTube community/ copyright policy. In case this kind of violation happens, you will get community/ copyright strikes.  

Please follow the link below to learn more about YouTube Community and Copyright Guidelines.


● How to Broadcast live on Facebook with your Smartphone Camara

According to Facebook Platform Policy 19.1, CameraFi Live cannot use Facebook Live API to enable a mobile camera to live stream to Facebook. However, you can broadcast with your smartphone camera if you use a Custom RTMP streaming.

For more information about Custom RTMP Facebook live-streaming, please refer to this link.

l  How to Broadcast Live on Facebook Group

In case you want to live-stream with CameraFi Live in a Facebook Group, you must add CameraFi Live App into your group.

Be careful, you must have Administrator Role in the group so to be able to add apps to your Facebook Group.

For more information on how to add CameraFi Live to your group and group live-streaming, please click here.


l  There is a diverse variety of Web overlay features that can be included within your Live Broadcast. If you would like to consult FAQs related to Web Overlays, Please click on here.


l  How to Use Audio Mixer_Apply MP3 & Audio Files as BGM

With Audio Mixer function, you can reproduce two audio sources at the same time in your live broadcast. It means that you can add the audio file and apply it as the background music in your live broadcast.

If you want to know more details on how to use audio mixer feature, please refer to this link

l  How to Live Stream a Pre-Recorded Video to Facebook Live

Please check on this manual in order to learn how to set up and stream pre-recorded videos into Facebook live.


l  What is Swipe Menu?

By using the swipe menu, you can have access to the various feature of CameraFi Live.

Left -> Right : Manage video and audio sources
Right -> Left : Add filters and images, texts, video filters and theme.

Please click here.

l  How can I draw with the pen feature?

Pen Feature is located in the new Hamburger menu located in the right-upper corner of your screen.

If you are interested on knowing how this feature works, click on the following link.

l  How can I add logo images?

You can use our text overlay feature to add logos or to write and add texts into your live streaming.

For more information about the text overlay feature, please click here.

l  How can I add a live poll into my YouTube stream?

You can create live polls and add them to your YouTube Live stream. Polls are effective to interact with your audience and to take into account the opinion of your subscribers.

To learn how to set up and add this functionality just click here.

l  How can I share my chat on my broadcast?

You can show your chat window in your live stream by making use of this feature. To learn how to set up and add the chat to your stream screen, please refer to the following link.


l  How can I record vertically and use the screen capture streaming?

CameraFi Live can record vertically and live stream whatever you have in your screen.

Please click on the following link.

l  How to record and live-stream internal audio on Android (Android OS 10 users)

In CameraFi Live’s previous versions, Only 5G Samsung device could record system’s internal audio (e.g. sounds produced by apps or games) to broadcast in their live videos with CameraFi Live Galaxy Store version.

However, our newest update allows CameraFi Live users who have Android 10 to record internal audio for live-streaming. To know more about on how to use this feature click here.


l  What are the benefits of paying the subscription for CameraFi Live?

By paying CameraFi Live’s full version you can access to more editing tools, get rid of ads and so on.

To know the exact differences between the free and the subscribed version of our app, please visit the following link.

l  How to register All-In-One Serial Key?

CameraFi Live supports two types of payment; in-app subscription and All-in-One serial key.

You can purchase All-in-One serial key for a year by clicking on this link

l  How can I purchase CameraFi Live Subscription?

With CameraFi Live Premium version, you can get rid of advertisement, record with better video quality, broadcast in higher resolution, make use of all of our editing features, and so on.

To know how to subscribe to our full version, please click here.

l  How can I cancel my CameraFi Live’s subscription?

CameraFi Live In-app purchase is based on a subscription model. It means that it is paid monthly or annually until you unsubscribe from it.
If you want to know how to unsubscribe from our services, follow this link


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