If you have any problems while live-streaming, or would like to ask some questions about us, please refer to the tutorials below:

  1. YouTube Live Streaming
  2. Facebook & Instagram Live Streaming
  3. Web Overlay
  4. Real-time Video Editing
  5. Screen Capture Broadcast
  6. Connecting Cameras
  7. Professional Streaming
  8. Subscription/Payment
  9. Error Messages

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If you are a first time user of CameraFi Live, before checking this FAQ post please check the CameraFi Live Guide for Beginners (EN/ID/TH). The Guide for Beginners explains what each icon is used for and how to use various features in CameraFi Live.

1. YouTube Live Streaming

CameraFi Live supports the Stream Now mode to provide the live-streaming feature for channels who have less than 1K subscribers. YouTube recently changed its live-streaming dashboard to the YouTube Live Control Room. For more information about it, please click the tutorial above.

YouTube verification does not verify your account itself
, instead it verifies your channel. This means that if you have two channels in an account, you need to verify each channel separately.

In order to broadcast live through YouTube, you should verify your YouTube account. If you click the tutorial, you can learn how to verify your YouTube account (channel).

When you login to Youtube through CameraFi Live for the first time, it connects to your main personal account. If you want to connect to another account or channel, you need to log in again.

Event live-streaming allows you to bring a scheduled live broadcast to YouTube.

If there are too many upcoming live streams on your YouTube live video library, Errors might occur when live-streaming on YouTube.

  • YouTube Community/Copyright strike and what can I do if I get a strike?
Please beware of strikes. While live-streaming on Youtube, if you violate YouTube's community/ copyright policies you can get community / copyright strikes.

Please follow the link below to learn more about the YouTube Community and Copyright Guidelines.

Community Guidelines Strike Basics

- Copyright Guidelines Strike Basics

2. FB/Instagram Live Streaming

You can easily broadcast live with your smartphone camera on Facebook. Just log in with your Facebook account and select where to stream!

If you want to live-stream with CameraFi Live in a Facebook Group, you must add the CameraFi Live App to your group. Please note that you must have the group's Administrator Role to be able to add apps to your Facebook Group.

Another way to broadcast live on Facebook is by using the Custom RTMP streaming. You'll need a computer/laptop with Internet access and your smart phone for this method.

You can start Instagram live by using Instafeed (website). INSTAFEED is a great way to broadcast live because you can stream it without any additional PC programs. With the RTMP URL and Stream Key, you can stream live on Instagram from CameraFi Live.

You can start Instagram live by using Yellow Duck Windows/Mac PC program. With the RTMP URL and Stream Key, you can broadcast live on Instagram from CameraFi Live.

3. Web Overlay

You can connect donation platforms such as Streamlabs to create chat boxes, subscription notifications, or donation notifications. If you are curious about how to setup Streamlabs and connect it to CameraFi Live, please click the tutorial.

*Detailed settings for each widget like font size, or chat style are available in the Streamlabs dashboard. It is NOT available in the app.

You can also add web overlays in the live-streaming screen. You can adjust the size, position, and transparency of the web source. For more information about the web overlays and overlay customization, please click the tutorial above.

4. Real Time Video Editing

By swiping left, you can access a menu with various editing features of CameraFi Live.

With the audio mixer function, you can mix two audio sources in your live broadcast. With this function you can add an audio file and apply it as background music during broadcast.

With CameraFi Live you can choose which microphone to use in your live broadcast. The options available are: Bluetooth, Internal, and Wired microphone.

The audio sync feature allows you to adjust the synchronization of the video and audio. This feature becomes especially handy if a synchronization or delay issue occurs .

With the overlay feature, you can broadcast live your pre-recorded video. Keep in mind that if you use someone else's content on your live video, this could result in a copyright violation.

You can add up to 3 images in your live-streaming video. With this feature, you can add your own broadcasting logo or your sponsor companies, etc. in your live video screen.

You can use our text overlay feature to add logotypes or to type and add text to your live stream screen.

You can add a chat window in your live video by activating the CHAT feature. To learn how to set up and add the chat to your stream screen, please click the tutorial and check the manual.

CameraFi Live supports various EFFECTs such as Likes, Thumbs-up, Emojis, and broadcasting stand-by effects. You can also apply customizable motion graphics where you can edit the text such as scoreboards, news subtitles, ecommerce tools, etc.

If you are planning to broadcast repeatedly with the same settings, you can save your settings using the PRESET feature. This way, you can bring back images, texts, and effects really easily and quickly. 

   CameraFi Live provides a camera pro mode. You can manually adjust ISO, exposure level, shutter speed, and white balance to broadcast live. Additionally, you can also focus and zoom.

The pen feature is located in the new Hamburger menu located in the right-upper corner of your screen.

5. Screen Capture Broadcast

CameraFi Live allows you to record vertically and live stream your screen.

Due to the Android OS policy, only Android OS 10 users can record the internal audio for live-streaming. This feature only works for apps that support the target API 29.

From Nov. 2nd of 2020, the new update from the Google Play Store must support the target API 29, so we believe that more apps will support the target API 29 soon.

You can edit the size, position, and transparency of the web overlay, as well as zoom in and out. In CameraFi Live it is also possible to choose the web source resolution(360p or 720p).

6. Connecting Cameras

Some devices with Android OS 10 do NOT support UVC(USB Video Class) devices to be connected in the apps with target SDK Version API Level 28+. In this case, you need to download CameraFi Live with target SDK Version API Level 27. Please click the title and to access the app's download link in the post.

CameraFi Live provides a function to broadcast with an external camera that supports USB UVC(USB Video Class). You can connect wired cameras such as wearable cameras, webcams, microscopes, and endoscopes directly. Or, your DSLR cameras, camcorders, and drones can be used as a video source in your live-streaming with an HDMI-UVC capture card.

Interest in live shopping has increased significantly and that has led an increase of inquiries about vertical broadcasting using external cameras such as DSLRs or camcorders. You can create a high-quality live-streaming video by using professional cameras.

Many CameraFi Live users connect a DSLR or camcorder to an Android smartphone using an HDMI capture card. Starting from the beginning of 2020, the Chinese HDMI capture cards have been widely distributed at an affordable price ($10 to $30). The CameraFi Live team has tested the affordable HDMI capture cards' compatibility with CameraFi Live.

7. Professional Streaming

CameraFi Live allows you to connect your Restream account to be able to do multi-streaming. Restream is a multi-streaming platform that supports 30+ platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook etc. You can use Restream exclusively by logging in.


You can use CameraFi Live to connect multiple smartphones as your video source. Live-streaming with various video sources is available through OBS Studio. With this option, you can broadcast a single video with three smartphones. Or, you can stream a mobile game through your smartphone screen , and use another smartphone to stream yourself while gaming.

With vMix and CameraFi Live, you can broadcast with multiple smartphones and professional broadcasting cameras. You can transmit videos from a camera quickly and stably in a wireless environment.

With CameraFi Live you can connect your camcorder/DSLR camera and send a video wirelessly to OBS. You can also connect it to Zoom meetings using OBS's VirtualCam function.

8. Subscription/Payment

By purchasing CameraFi Live’s premium version, you can unlock more editing tools, get rid of ads and have access to other benefits . If you are curious about the differences between the free and subscription versions of our app, please click the link to access a post with detailed information.

In-app subscription is the regular(monthly/annual) payment that is managed through the Google payment system. If you purchase a monthly/annual in-app subscription, you will be charged in a regular billing cycleYou can get rid of watermarks & ads, and broadcast with more diverse features provided by CameraFi Live.

Different form the Google in-app subscription system, the All-in-One serial key is a coupon code system. The code consists of 9 letters/numbers and you can purchase it in the CameraFi online shopping mall: CameraFi Store. As it is not a subscription based system, after the payment period is over, you will go back to the free version.

CameraFi Live's in-app purchase is a subscription based system. Therefore, if you are not planning to use CameraFi Live's premium features anymore, you should cancel your subscription. After cancellation, if you would like to use the premium services again, you can restore your subscription.

If your CameraFi Live monthly / annual subscription is not working, you need to check:
1. If your subscription is active
2. If you downloaded CameraFi Live with the Google account you used for the payment.
For more information on how to resolve this problem click the tutorial above.

9. Error Messages

In the tutorial above you can see many common errors messages and their corresponding solutions. If the error message you are looking for is not in the tutorial please contact us by going on: Settings - Feedback - Report a Bug - Gmail. Please attach a screenshot of the error message as well. You can also report a bug right away in the error message pop up.

If you have any questions while using CameraFi Live, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you :D

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