Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

Today we’ll look at CameraFi Live’s Effect feature.

If you’re going to use the effect feature, only within a few clicks you can broadcast would be fancier.

1. Choose Effects

Choose Effects

We will tell you how to use the Effect function. Just follow the tutorial!
1. Click the magic wand icon on the left bottom corner.
2. Choose the Effect menu.
It is super easy. Right?
Then, how can we change the effect, adjust, or play it repeatedly?

Modify Effects

1. Swipe left on the main screen.
2. Click the rectangular box next to the selected EFFECT.
3. Select the detailed options and turn on the activation button.

The options are(from left):
  • Effect Type: Select what kind of effect you use
  • Fit-to-screen: Apply the effect to the whole screen
  • Auto Repeat: Repeat the effect
  • RESET: Reset the effect settings

Edit Dynamic Texts & Images

Dynamic Text/Image is an effect which you can put your customized text or image.
You have two options in editing dynamic texts and images.

1. Edit the text or image by scrolling the texts with {} and selecting the texts or images.
✔ TIP: You can also write the texts into two lines with the Enter key.

2. Or, click the three dots menu on the right side and write the dynamic texts and images from the effects you selected.

✔ TIP: Click the RESET button to go back to the initial text and image.


With the Effect feature, you can attract more viewers before the broadcast starts or within the broadcast.

For more detailed tutorials, please refer to the links below:

It has various options such as Likes, Thumbs-up, Emojis, Broadcasting Standby effects. It will be added more and more! 
Effect Sample Video Playlist

In the widget menu(the magic wand icon), the web overlay feature is also provided to add web-based sources such as donation platforms, etc. 

If you have any questions about CameraFi Live, please leave us a comment!

Thank you.
(Updated: 21/03/30)