Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

Today, I would like to show you how to connect your camcorder to CameraFi Live and send it wirelessly to OBS. Additionally, let's learn how to connect it to Zoom using the VirtualCam function in OBS.

  1. Install OBS Virtualcam
  2. Connect CameraFi Live with OBS Studio
  3. Connect OBS Virtualcam to Zoom
  4. Broadcast a Zoom screen to OBS Studio
  5. Examples of Usage

If you are ready to go, please go to the first step!

1. Install OBS VirtualCam

To use the VirtualCam function in OBS, you need to install the plugin.

✔ OBS VirtualCam plugin is supported ONLY in Windows.

1) Go to the link below and click the Go to download button.
- Download: https://obsproject.com/en/download

2) Open the downloaded file and proceed with the installation.



3) If you close and open the OBS program, a Virtualcam button will be created in the Tools tab.

2. Connect CameraFi Live with OBS Studio

You can connect CameraFi Live with OBS Studio by SRT wireless connection.

For the manual, please refer to the link below;

3. Connect OBS Virtual Cam to Zoom

Using the Virtual Cam of OBS, you can connect with Zoom.

As shown in the image below, you can stream the video from CameraFi Live to OBS by using the SRT streaming. Then, you can send the video source from OBS Virtual Cam to Zoom.

[OBS Studio]

1) Click the Virtual Cam button on the Tool menu, and it will show you the following dialog.

2) Turn on the Horizontal Flip and Keep Aspect Ratio option and select Target Camera to OBS-Camera.

3) Click the Start button at the bottom and close the dialog.


4) Click the arrow icon on the video output in Zoom, and you will see the OBS-Camera option. Please switch to OBS-Camera.

5) You can see the video of OBS streaming to Zoom.

In this way, using a smartphone with CameraFi Live and Windows PC with OBS and Zoom installed, we stream the video from CameraFi Live to Zoom.

4. Broadcast the Zoom screen to OBS Studio

You can stream the Zoom screen during a conference to OBS by using the OBS window capture function.

1) Add the media source by clicking the + button.

2) Click the Window Capture option.

3) Write the source name and click the OK button.

4) Select the Window as Zoom Meeting.

5) Select the Capture Method as Windows Graphics Capture (Windows 10 1903 and up).

After the above processes, you can stream the Zoom screen to the OBS as below;

5. Example of Usage

I will show the example of streaming the camcorder video source and zoom screen source from OBS to YouTube by using a smartphone, a camcorder, and Windows PC with Zoom and OBS installed.

[Broadcasting Process]

1) Connect a camcorder with a smartphone.

2) Stream the camcorder video to OBS Studio by using the SRT function in CameraFi Live.

3) Broadcast the video source to Zoom with OBS VirtualCam.

4) Transmit the Zoom screen to OBS with the Window Capture function.

5) OBS can get two video sources: a video source from a camcorder and a video source from the Zoom screen.

6) Live-streaming is available on OBS Studio using the two video sources and additional sources.


(OBS Studio)


However, it is recommended to use a high-performance PC and use vMix if the SRT connection is unstable.

We uploaded the manual for vMix. Please check the link below;

If you have any questions about it, please leave us the comment below.

Thank you.