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[Update] Stopwatch and Timer, Multi-Camera feature(Beta), Sync feature for each audio source, Effect/Web Source UI/UX Improvement(V1.32.37.603)

Hello, this is CameraFi Live team :) We’re here to announce that CameraFi Live has been updated. This update includes timer and multi-camera features that many users have requested, so please look forward to it. CameraFi Live Update - Added stopwatch and timer features - Added multi-camera feature(beta) - Added sync feature for each audio source - Improved effect/web source UI/UX - Improved other performance and stability 1. Added stopwatch and timer In response to many users' feedback, stopwatch and timer web source features have been added! 1) Stopwatch Add stopwatch effect from web source. Long press the stopwatch effect to edit. You can start, stop, reset, lap, and clear laps in the STOPWATCH tab. You can change the text color, font, background color, etc in the PROPERTIES tab. 2) Timer Add timer from web source. You can control the timer, such as setting the time, starting and stopping the timer in the TIMER tab. You can change the color, font, timer type, text, et

[Update] Improved Android12 Web Overlay Feature, Improved Chat Toast Feature, Resolved Back Camera Not Working Issue on Redmi9 (V1.31.48.331)

  Hello. This is CameraFi Live team. We are happy to announce the release of our newest update. Let’s find out what has changed in this update. 1. Improved Web Overlay Feature on Android12 The web overlay feature has been modified due to the Android12 policy. What has changed with the Android12 policy? The "pass-through touch" feature to touch through the overlay window on Android12 is not available. If you can't "pass-through touch", you can't touch the overlay area as shown in the video below. Therefore, we have modified the function so that users can use the overlay function as well as possible. ✅ If you need to touch the overlay area? Please set the opacity to 55% or less. If the overlay opacity is less than 55%, you can touch the overlay area. ✅ You don't need to touch the overlay area? You can adjust the transparency freely. 2. Improved Chat Toast Feature ✅You can change chat toast location. You can't move chat toast before the update. With th

CameraFi Live Compatibility Test on Galaxy S22 Ultra & How to Disable GOS on Samsung Galaxy

Hello. This is CameraFi Live Team :) We had purchased Galaxy S22 Ultra and tested its operation. We have confirmed that all functions of CameraFi Live are working properly! Users who are planning to purchase the Galaxy S22, please do take note. Samsung Galaxy Smartphone GOS ​​Recently, issues in Samsung Galaxy Phone GOS(Game Optimization Service) keep continuing. There are a lot of CameraFi Live users who broadcast games through Galaxy phones, so I would like to share this information with you. GOS is? GOS (Game Optimizing Service) is Samsung basic app that optimizes CPU and GPU performance to prevent overheating during long game runs. When GOS is activated, game speed and screen resolution are automatically lowered, so many users might want to turn off the GOS. If you want to turn off GOS, please refer to the following. How to turn off GOS One UI 3.5 and earlier 1. On your smartphone settings search for [Apps] and click it. 2. Click the top-right menu(three dots icon) on the [Apps] sc

CameraFi Live Resolution and FPS - List of Supported Devices (Update : 03/17/2022)

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. CameraFi Live supports various Resolutions and FPS. So, I would like to inform you about the resolution and FPS for each device. Resolution FPS *If the USB camera supports 60FPS, you can use up to 720p 60FPS on CameraFi Live. Make high-quality broadcasts by using various Resolutions / FPS with CameraFi Live! If you have any questions feel free to reach out through anytime. Thank you.

[Notice] Android 12 - YouTube Live Streaming Issues

  Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. This is a notification for CameraFi Live users. We found issues that YouTube broadcasting does not work on the Galaxy S21 that have been updated to Android 12. As a result of testing on our Android 12 devices, the Pixel 5 Android 12 worked normally, but the issues were produced on Galaxy S21. Users who have problems with YouTube broadcasting after the Android 12 update, please update to the latest version of CameraFi Live. *Not all functions have been fully verified for quick updates. For users who have not proceeded with firmware updates, we recommend delaying Android 12 updates for a while . We will notify you again after we do an accurate analysis. We apologize for your inconvenience. If you have any questions, let us know via Thank you.

[UPDATE] CameraFi Live supported Android 12, Zoom issue on Huawei devices resolved_v1.31.2.1019

  Hello, this is CameraFi Live Team. We’re announcing the newly updated CameraFi Live.    1. CameraFi Live is supported on Android 12 In line with the Android OS update, CameraFi Live has also been updated. So, we’re pleased to announce that you can now use CameraFi Live on Android 12 devices. *We tested it based on Android 12 Beta 2. 2. Zoom issue on some Huawei devices resolved  Recently, we found some issues where the camera appears to be enlarged on some Huawei devices. Please check CameraFi Live’s latest version as this issue has been fixed. Also, we're working on some new features that will surprise you. So, please wait for our next update. Thank you!

New Awesome Features of CameraFi Live : Source Switcher, Pinch to Zoom & Swipe to Pan

The ultimate live streaming experience is now available!  Source Switcher, Pinch to Zoom, and Swipe to Pan features have been released. Source Switcher allows you to switch sources smoother and faster. Plus, you can Pinch to Zoom and Swipe to Pan a source in one touch. You can download CameraFi Live for free on Google Play Store. -

[Manual] How to Use Source Switcher on CameraFi Live (EN/TH/ID)

วิธีใช้งานซอร์สสวิตเชอร์(TH) Bagaimana cara menggunakan Pengalih Sumber(ID) Hi, this is CameraFi Live Team :) Let’s go over how to use the newly updated feature, ‘Source Switcher’. What’s Source Switcher? Source Switcher is the feature that allows you to quickly switch scenes to different sources such as videos, images, and CROP during live streaming. If you want to sell products during the live stream, you can switch scenes to detailed shots of your product. Also, you can use CROP to capture various people as if you are using multiple cameras.  Then, shall we take a closer look at how to use Source Switcher? 1. Adding Sources 1) Click the [Source Switcher] icon at the bottom right, then click the [+] icon. 2) Choose a source you want to add: image, video, or CROP. 2. Deleting Sources Long press a source and click [Bin] to delete a source. 3. Editing Sources 1) Long press a source and click [...] OR, click [...] in the upper right corner of a source. 2) In the sources editing window, y