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How to Live-stream a Worship Services Using Your Smartphone [Manual]

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many sports/ religious / business events are canceled as part of the social distancing.

More and more faith communities decide not to gather on-site and move the worship services online. However, many small communities challenges aboutlive-streaming with less than 1K subscribers and a lack of broadcasting equipment.

'CameraFi Live' is an Android app that makes it easy to broadcast religious worship services in real-time only with a smartphone.

Here's a perfect guide for online worship services with your mobile.

People with any experience in YouTube live-streaming can go to #3.

1. Create a Channel
2. YouTube Live Account Verification
3. Install & Run CameraFi Live
4. Stream Now
5. Set Broadcast Info & Start Live-streaming
6. Connect a Microphone
7. Offerings
8. Additional Settings

1. Create a ChannelTo broadcast live on YouTube, you need a YouTube account and channel.

Personal Channel: Channels that is…

Facebook Gaming Metadata, Audio Volume Control, Labs_V1.25.86.0310

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.
CameraFi Live updated with new features. Let’s see what changed!
1) Added Facebook gaming metadata in a screen mode

- Tag your mobile game on Facebook! - In order for your mobile game streaming to be exposed on Facebook gaming(, you need to set up a game video creator page. You can switch existing page to it or create a new one. - If you wonder how you can use Facebook Gaming Metadata, please click here.
2) Added audio volume control in a screen mode - Check the audio status easily and adjust the volume not only in a camera mode but also in a screen mode!

- If you click the LIVE floating icon, you can check the volume of your live video directly with the volume bar of the audio button. You can click the audio button to adjust the volume and activate the audio monitoring feature.

[Manual] How to Use Faceboook Gaming Metadata

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

Facebook recently released its streamer program called Facebook Star, or Level Up program for better game streaming and its monetization. Facebook seems to add additional features for game live-streaming.
With Facebook gaming metadata, you can tag your mobile game when you are broadcasting live on Facebook with CameraFi Live like the picture below;

Today I would like to share you the how-to manual for using Facebook gaming metadata.

How can you set up Facebook gaming metadata?

1. Click the gear button in the floating menu.

2. Select the Gaming Metadata option.

3. After entering my game, press the magnifying glass search button on the right side.

For your live video to appear on the Facebook game Page(, you must register your page as the Game Video Creator Page. You can find more information about Facebook game streaming at the link below;

If you have any other questions, please leave us a comment be…

[Manual] How to Use Audio Sync Feature

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

In the latest update, the CameraFi Live team added the new feature in Labs.

* Labs: a place to try a new feature before the official release

Today I would like to guide you on how to use the audio sync feature.

The audio sync feature is to adjust the synchronization of the video and audio when connecting external camera device or video and audio has a synchronization issue due to the error or the delay.

Please check there are some 

1) YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer support the audio sync feature.
2) You CANNOT use the audio sync feature on Twitch.
3) On YouTube, if the audio is out of sync and use the audio sync feature, there may be a problem with the saved video after the broadcast ends.
4) The audio sync is also applied to the audio in the VIDEO3(recorded video file).

1. Click Settings in the Hamburger menu.

2. Activate Audio Sync feature in LABS.

3. Click the mic icon in the main screen and adjust the audio sync with (+) and (-) button.

If you have any questio…

[Manual] YouTube / Facebook / Twitch Error Messages and Their Solutions

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

Today we will check the error messages for each broadcasting platforms(YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch) and find out how to solve them.

However, even if it has the same error message, it may be caused by other reasons. If the instructions below do not solve your problem, please contact us by the comment below.

1. YouTube
1) YouTube 500 Error
Error Message:

As the connection to the YouTube server is unstable, you cannot start live-streaming now. Please try again in a few minutes.{"code":500,"message":null}

Cause 1:

Unstable YouTube server

Solution 1:

In this case, if the YouTube server is stable after a certain time, the live-streaming is available.

Cause 2:

No Stream key because a streamer has never used Stream Now feature before

Solution 2:

This can be solved by accessing the YouTube Live Dashboard( and checking the Stream key in the Encoder Settings at the bottom. Then, please try your live-streaming …

[Manual] How to Redeem a Google Play Store Promotion Code in CameraFi Live (EN/ES)


How to Redeem a Google Play Store Promotion Code in CameraFi Live

Hello. This is CameraFi Live team.
Google Play Store allows you to redeem discount coupons or gift cards so to receive special discounts in your subscription or app purchases.
In this manual you will learn how to redeem Play Store Codes so to use them in CameraFi Live App.
1.Play Store codes can be redeemed when purchasing a monthly subscription. First, in the recording screen, click on the hamburger menu located in the right upper corner of your screen. Then, click on the icon Settings.

2.Scroll down through the Settings options list, until you find the Shop section. Click on Upgrade button located right below Shop.

3.Now, choose the Monthly subscription option. Annual subscription does not support Annual Subscription. 

4.When you click purchase, a google play store sign will appear. Click on the GPay icon to access Payment methods.

5.In payment methods, choose the option Redeem Code.

6.Insert your promo code and c…