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[NOTICE] Starting from January 15, 2023, monthly fee for CameraFi Live will change to USD10.99

Hello. This is the CameraFi Live team :) From January 15, 2023, the CameraFi Live subscription price will increase.  However, all users who subscribed before January 15, 2023 can enjoy CameraFi Live at the price before the increase. If you are planning to subscribe, subscribe until January 14, 2023. ※ The increased price will apply if you cancel your subscription and resubscribe after January 15, 2023. CameraFi Live has increased the price to provide better services and more features. We will do our best to provide better a service for our users. ▶App Download If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact us in the comments below or at Thank you. The CameraFi Live team

[NOTICE] CameraFi2 Service Integration Notice

Hello, we are the CameraFi team :) This is a notice for CameraFi2 users.  In order to improve service stability and quality, all features of “CameraFi2” have been integrated into “CameraFi Live” CameraFi2 will be ended sequentially, so please download and use our CameraFi Live service. If you download “CameraFi Live” now, you can use all the features of CameraFi2, as well as microscope features, various editing effects, and others!  ▶App Download: How to use the microscope feature With the microscope feature you can connect a microscope to your smartphone and measure the size of small microorganisms on your smartphone screen.  Please refer to the post below for a detailed guide. How to use the recording feature CameraFi Live's "Recording" feature allows you to record your camera and your smartphone screen. How to use CameraFi Live This is the guide for CameraFi Live beginne

CameraFi Live Update Roadmap

  Hello :) This is the CameraFi Live team. CameraFi Live’s login feature was newly added! To be able to provide various functions that are currently in the making, we have added a CameraFi login feature.  By logging in to CameraFi Live, you will have access to the following functions in the new future :) Shall we take a look at what services are going to be updated? 1.  Live streaming support software ‘CameraFi Studio’ We will be releasing another service for live streaming: 'CameraFi Studio'! ‘CameraFi Studio’ can be used in any PC, smartphone, or tablet and provides various functions necessary for live streaming such as customizable scoreboards and subtitle functions. Scoreboard With our scoreboard feature you can record and share a sports match anytime, anywhere. By using the studio, you can control the scoreboard remotely. You can also share the match results and match details. We will also be providing scoreboard templates for various sports such as soccer, baseball, baske

[Update] Added microscope feature, Added CameraFi login feature, Improved other performance and stability(V1.33.25.1024)

Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team :) We are pleased to announce the new CameraFi Live app update.  Let’s look at it in more detail. CameraFi Live Update( Scheduled to be released in the end of October) - Added microscope feature - Added CameraFi login feature - Improved performance and stability

How to Add Live Chat Box to Your Live Stream

Hello. This is CameraFi Live team. Today I’m going to inform you ways to use chatting and chatting overlay. * With the update scheduled for this week, features such as using Twitch chat, selecting chat font, and setting background color will be added , so please check after updating the app :) What is chat feature? Chat is a feature that allows streamers to view and broadcast chats in real-time. What is chat overlay? Chat overlay is a feature that includes chats on the live broadcast screen.  How to use the chat feature 1. Swipe left on the screen to open the swipe menu. 2. Please click the CHAT menu. 3. You can configure chat settings in the chat menu. 1) Chat overlay Chat overlay is a feature that includes chats on the live broadcast screen.  When both the chat overlay and chat feature are enabled, chats will be broadcasted.  *Even if chat overlay is ON, chats will not be sent to the broadcast screen if the chat feature is disabled. The policy has changed from the previous update, so

[Manual] How to Use Multi-Camera on CameraFi Live(Update: 28/12/2022)

                                                                                                                     ※ Multi-camera function update (v1.33.55.1226) From app version v1.33.55.1226, rendezvous mode is possible not only using Wi-Fi but also LTE/5G . Try the multi-camera function in any network environment! *Multi-camera connection using LTE/5G may not be supported depending on the carriers and devices.                                                                                                                      Hello, this is CameraFi Live team :) Today, I would like to explain how to use a multi-camera in detail. Please refer to the link for a simple tutorial of how to use a multi-camera. What is a multi-camera function? Multi-camera is a function that enables you to broadcast by connecting multiple smart devices wirelessly. You can broadcast videos from various angles while switching scenes in real-time. It can be used in professional broadcasts that require vario

[Video] New Timer & Stopwatch Effects Are Released.

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. I'd like to share you the YouTube video about recently released timer and stopwatch effects. It can be used in professional broadcasts such as sports broadcasts and live commerce broadcasts, etc. For how-to manual about the feature, please go to the link below; ​ If you are curious about other effect videos, play the playlist! You can check the effects added to CameraFi Live. We hope you can use the newly added timer, stopwatch effects to make a better live-streaming. If you have any questions about the effect function or app, please send us the email via Thank you!

[Update] Stopwatch and Timer, Multi-Camera feature(Beta), Sync feature for each audio source, Effect/Web Source UI/UX Improvement(V1.32.37.603)

Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team :) We’re here to announce that CameraFi Live has been updated. This update includes a timer and multi-camera features that many users requested. Please look forward to it. CameraFi Live Update - Added stopwatch and timer features - Added multi-camera feature(beta) - Added sync feature for each audio source - Improved effect/web source UI/UX - Improved other performance and stability 1. Added stopwatch and timer We always consider our users' feedback! The very much requested stopwatch and timer web source features are now available! 1) Stopwatch Add the stopwatch effect from the web sources. Long press the stopwatch effect to edit it. You can start, stop, reset, lap, and clear laps in the STOPWATCH tab. You can change the text color, font, background color, etc in the PROPERTIES tab. 2) Timer Add a timer from the web sources. You can control the timer, such as setting the time, and starting and stopping the timer in the TIMER tab.