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How to Use New YouTube Live Control Room (Channels with less than 1K Subscribers can Broadcast Now.)

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

YouTube recently changed its live-streaming dashboard to YouTube Live Control Room. Therefore, the live-streaming process of CameraFi Live is also changed a little bit.

Today we'd like to introduce you to how to use the new YouTube Live Control Room.


CameraFi Live users can access YouTube Live Control Room as the process below;

  YouTube Studio > CREATE button > Go live > YouTube Live Control Room

* The CREATE button is on the right top of the YouTube Studio page.

The screen of the YouTube Live Control Room is as below;

When you first visit the YouTube Live Control Room, you can see the Welcome message. You need to click the NEXT button to create a new stream.

Then, you can see the Edit stream popup. In here, you MUST select Made for Kids option to make a stream to broadcast live on YouTube.


The following cases may occur due to the change in the YouTube live streaming method. 
Please refer to the solutions for each message.

<CASE 1>
A case that completes the previous stream and does NOT create a new stream

If you used the created stream, the stream is changing its status to complete, which is not able to use again. That is, you need to visit the YouTube Live Control Room to create a new stream and enable YouTube live-streaming.

In this case, you can see the message below.

Or, depending on your account, you can see the message like this:
"Please visit the YouTube Live Dashboard to change the status to broadcast live."

In CASE 1, please go to YouTube Live Control Room. Then, it will automatically create a new stream, and you can broadcast live on YouTube.

<CASE 2>
A case that you did NOT complete to check the option of Made for Kids

When you first visit the YouTube Live Control Room and press the x(close) button without checking whether the video is made for kids or not, the app creates a broadcast, but YouTube does not expose the broadcast to the viewer.

In this case, the app shows the message as below;

As I explained above, you need to select the Made for Kids option and MUST click the SAVE button.

<CASE 3>
A case that you first broadcast YouTube live after verifying your channel

When you broadcast live on YouTube for the first time after verifying your channel, you MUST create a stream to enable YouTube live-streaming. A new stream is automatically created when you visit the Stream menu in the YouTube Live Control Room and complete the related process.

In this case, the following message will pop up. You can solve your issue by clicking the GO TO LIVE CONTROL ROOM button and visit there.

In summary, you can broadcast live on YouTube if you visit the YouTube Live Control Room.

This is a guide for the new live streaming process and how to solve your YouTube live-streaming issue.

We ask for your understanding that there might be some bothering process added due to the changes in the YouTube live-streaming method.

Currently, we are looking for ways to make it easier for CameraFi Live users to broadcast live on YouTube.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below;

Thank you.