What is “Live Shopping”?

Live shopping, also known as live commerce, is a trend that combines real-time streaming with e-commerce. During the live stream, the host showcases products and provides information about them, while viewers can ask questions, provide feedback, and make purchases directly through the stream. 

Live shopping helps to build customer loyalty and drive sales. It has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the fashion and beauty industries, but it is being used across a wide range of product categories.

Beginner’s Guide

This is a basic guide for users who are using CameraFi Shopping for the first time.

This will explain how to use each page of the app and get the most out of CameraFi Shopping!

1. Dashboard

2. Events

3. Live Control Room

4. Widgets

5. Preferences

Before we start the details about the CameraFi Shopping, if you don’t install the CameraFi Shopping, please refer

to the link below;

([Manual] Install CameraFi Shopping)

If you finished installing the CameraFi Shopping, let’s get started!

1. Dashboard

Dashboard is the main page of CameraFi Shopping where you can view a summary of your live shopping events, sales, and other analytics data. It also provides users with step-by-step guides.

1)Your Plan 

: You can check the subscription plan that you selected. You can change your play by the Change the Plan button. 

2) Plan Usage Date & CameraFi Shopping Usage Status

: This section displays a summary of CameraFi Shopping usage status, including plan usage dates. The number status of each live video and shoppable video is displayed, and you can check how much of the limit

provided according to the plan has been met.

3) Analytics Overview

: You can select the date and period and it will display statistical data of events that ended in the set period. Sales, Average Peak Views, Average

Order Value, Conversion Rate, Number of Sales by Type, and Customer Engagement are displayed with visual

sources such as bars or pie charts.


4) Quick Start

: Users can set the necessary options for CameraFi Shopping through Quick Start; Publish product > Create event > Activate widget.

2. Events

Events allow you to create and manage live shopping events.

1) Create Event

: You can create new live/video shopping events. 

How to create new events (CameraFi/YouTube/Video)

2) Events

: You can see all the events you’ve created. The Title, Status, Start and End Date/Time are displayed.

With the Actions buttons, you can edit, delete, and check the analytics of the event.

3) Edit Events

: Scheduled and Live events contents can be modified, and Finished events can only view event content.

4) Delete Events

5) More

: You can do further actions than edit or delete events. 

5-1) Analytics : Shows analysis of the broadcast. Sales, Orders, Conversion Rate, Product Views, Fee, and

        Total View are displayed and can be saved as a CSV file.

5-2) Download : After the Event ends, the Download button of the Finished event will be activated.

        You can download your live event video for a week after the event ends. 

5-3) Get Link : You can copy the event link. You can share the copied link with others to encourage


3. Live Control Room

Live Control Room allows you to start or end your live shopping events. During the Live you can control the event. You can preview your camera and microphone, chat, and monitor viewer comments. You can also view analytics during the live stream, including the number of viewers, orders, sales, etc.

1) Create Stream 

: You can start the event you created. 

How to start the event

2)  After the event starts, you can see the Real-time Analytics, camera and microphone preview, chat and product

list that are added to the event. 

Live Control Room after the event starts

4. Widgets

Widgets is a page that allows you to create widgets on your online store. 

You can use the widget to promote live streaming or video streaming on your store.

1) Widget On/Off 

:When you create an event, the widget settings are automatically turned on. If you don’t want to expose the widget

on your shopping mall, turn off the toggle button. 


2) Select An Event 

:You can decide which events to expose to the store in Widgets Settings.

2-1)  Automatic: Automatically selects the closest event among events with the Status of Scheduled and

sets it as a widget.

            If set to Automatic, after the event displayed as a widget ends, the next closest event will be automatically

            exposed as a widget.

2-2) Manual: Among events whose status is Scheduled or Live, select the desired event and set it as a



3) Templates 

: You can select a theme for the widget.


4) Preview 

: You can check the widget design when the event status is Scheduled and Live.

5. Preferences page

This page allows you to view your connected CameraFi account, published product status, and terms and conditions.

1) CameraFi Account

: You can check your connected account.

To use CameraFi Shopping, you have to connect your CameraFi account.

2)  YouTube Account

: You can check the connected YouTube account. 

If you create and start the YouTube event, it will be held on the YouTube channel shown in the Preferences. 

3) Published Products

: Displays the number of products available in CameraFi Shopping. 

4) Plan

: Currently subscribed plans and information on each plan.

5) Terms and Conditions

: You can check the Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy of CameraFi Shopping.

For detailed manuals on how to get started with CameraFi Shopping, please refer to our CameraFi Shopping

tutorial page.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at apps.help@vaultmicro.com.

Thank you.