Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

We will explain how to use our Pen feature.

The Pen Feature is located in the new Hamburger menu located in the right-upper corner of your screen.

1. Click on the menu and select the option Pen.

2. Our Pen feature can be used before and during live broadcast. You can adjust Pen’s color and thickness by sliding the bars’ dials located in the left corner of your screen.

3. Draw whatever you want with the pen. In case you want to change or completely delete what you wrote or drew, you can use the tools Eraser and Trash located in the left corner next to the color and thickness bars. 

4. To close the pen feature, just click again on the hamburger menu and select the Pen feature option.

If you have any other questions about CameraFi Live, please leave us a comment.

Thank you.