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3 Tips to Improve Mobile Live Streaming Quality (EN/TH)


Hi, this is CameraFi Live Team. :)

Today, we are announcing our guide for stable live streaming!

If you have experienced any issues such as buffering or disconnection during the live stream, please refer to the post below.

1. Do not connect to both WiFi and mobile data (LTE, 5G, etc.) at the same time. Please choose only one connection.

If both WiFi and mobile data are enabled, switch between WiFi ↔ mobile data may cause a disconnection of live streaming. 

We recommend you choose a more stable network between WiFi and mobile data, and use only one. Also, when you choose mobile data, we recommend using LTE rather than 5G.

2. Please check the internet upload speed before live streaming.

The most important thing for stable live streaming is the upload speed.

If you search 'Internet Speed Test' on the Google Play Store, there are various apps available for download. 

Please download any of them and measure the upload speed before live streaming.

*You can also test your Internet speed via the link below. Please click ‘Show more info’ to check your upload speed.
- Internet Speed Test:

Network Speed Measurement Tips
- Make sure you are measuring ‘upload speed’, NOT download speed.
- The more times you measure, the more accurate you can measure.
- If the upload speed varies significantly with each measurement, the live streaming may be unstable.

We recommend setting the bitrate at about 75% of upload speed. For example, if the upload speed is 81.5Mbps, the maximum bitrate would be 6100kbps(61Mbps), which is 75% of the upload speed.

Please refer to the table below and set the resolution/video quality/bitrate according to the upload speed.

* This table does not take into account the server status of platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Please note that additional adjustments are required according to the bitrate and upload speed provided by each server.

3. Close all the other apps before live streaming.

Running multiple background apps during live streaming can cause problems such as overheating and poor device performance. Please turn off all background apps and launch CameraFi Live app. 

*One more tip!

When using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time, please connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi. If you use the 2.4 GHz, it may interfere with bluetooth and affect broadcasting quality.

Please refer to the guideline and have a stable live streaming with CameraFi Live.

Thank you!