Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

CameraFi Live provides the Google in-app subscription product.

To use the premium features, you can purchase monthly or annual subscription.
Some users report a issue that CameraFi Live is appeared as a free version even though they paid.

In this situation, you need to check:

1. If your subscription is active.
2. If you download CameraFi Live with the Google account you paid.

How to Check a Subscription Status

If your payment method has expired or you canceled a subscription, the subscription might not be active.

1. Go to Google Play Store and select the hamburger menu at the top left.

2. Select the Subscriptions tab to make sure if the subscription is enabled.

3. If you you made a subscription with the account you are currently logged into, you can check the payment details as follows.

If you do not have the subscription, it will show as below;

In this case, you need to change Google Play Store account to connect your payment status.

How To Change the Google Play Store Account

The subscription is operated based on the account logged in to the Google Play Store when you download CameraFi Live.

For example, if you pay with account A and download CameraFi Live with account B, the app will appear as a free version.

1. Click the account icon on the top right of Google Play Store.

2. Please make the Google account paid the CameraFi Live subscription on the main account.

3. Please uninstall CameraFi Live and install it again.

* It may take some time for Google to connect the payment information. If payment information is not linked after a while, please reboot your phone and try again.

If you have any questions about CameraFi Live, please feel free to contact us via apps.help@vaultmicro.com.

Thank you!