Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

As interest in shopping live streaming has increased significantly, we have recently received many inquiries about vertical broadcasting using external cameras such as DSLRs or camcorders. You can create a high quality live-streaming video by using the professional cameras.

In the previous CameraFi Live, when a USB camera is rotated vertically, the horizontal video from the USB camera is displayed vertically small on the smartphone screen.

However, the latest CameraFi Live shows your USB camera video vertically with the resolution of 9:16 on your smartphone.

Vertical Stream of External Camera

When connected to a smartphone while the DLSR is mounted vertically, the vertical video is displayed as shown on the smartphone as the picture below;

* The picture is how your smartphone would look like when mounting Canon EOS M50 Mark II vertically.

Video Source Rotation

When you mount your DSLR and smartphone, there are times when the left and right or up and down reversals occur.

In this case, you can change the video source upside down or reverse left and right by using the VIDEO's reverse function.

1. Swipe left and select CAMERA2 on the VIDEO tab.

2. Select Reverse left and right, or upside down option.

For any additional inquiries, please leave a comment below or send us the email via apps.help@vaultmicro.com.

Thank you!