[Release Note]
If you click each version, you can find detailed information about the update.

1. Added search function
2. Added automatic hashtags function
3. Added baseball Inning-by-Inning Scoreboard overlay
4. Added changing match status function
5. Added captioning display effect
6. Improved match log video playback function

1. Added match log video playback function
2. Improved Control page function
3. Improved the design of Create/Edit Match popup
4. Added Skeleton UI to real-time captioning
5. Fixed minor bugs

1. Improved the UI of the match info card
2. Added Stick to top / Unstick, and size change function to the scoreboard preview
3. Added match title font size change function
4. Added automatic sending on / off function
5. Improved the UI of the baseball 2 theme

1. Added update button on match detail
2. Improved the UI of the timer
3. Added additional time to the soccer scoreboard
4. Added text on the image speaker type of the caption style
5. Added My Channel
6. Fixed Error