If you click each version, you can find detailed information about the update.

*Updates after 2023.06.08 do not have the detailed information

Update 2023.12.19

1. Added Baseball-specific display widget

2. Improved Seminar Event PC UI

Update 2023.12.12

1. Add Seminar type on Event

2. Improved More Menu Mobile Environment UI

Update 2023.11.21

1. Logo and main page revamp

Update 2023.10.19

1. Improved Event team/player registration feature

2. Added Leaderboard win/lose mode

Update 2023.10.12

1. Leaderboard name changed to Event

2. Changed Event main page list

3. Added Event creation button

4. Specify event and sport type

Update 2023.10.05

1. Added membership page

2. Changed Leaderboard card design

3. Added Leaderboard open talk feature

Update 2023.09.21

1. Updated Baseball extra inning

2. Added Leaderboard highlight feature

3. Added Leaderboard Match schedule additional feature

Update 2023.09.14

1. Added Baseball first/second ball change button

2. Added player or team connection feature when creating a leaderboard

3. Changed Real-time caption download format

Update 2023.09.07. 

1. Release Leaderboard feature

Update 2023.08.17

1. Updated Match detail page 

2. Updated Baseball score sheet mobile display

Update 2023.08.10

1. Updated Tennis controller

Update 2023.08.03

1. Updated team management page

2. Updated Set Event Player Controller

3. Added Real-time Captions download feature

Update 2023.07.20

1. Added Baseball4 widget 

2. Added simultaneous output feature of translation content in Real-time Caption

3. Added Real-time Caption speaker automatic addition feature

4. Added caption position setting feature

5. Speaker available in all subtitle themes

Update 2023.06.29

1. Improved Baseball batter information control feature 

2. Added Soccer match time designation feature 

3. Added Custom CSS feature 

Update 2023.06.22

1. Added Baseball betting order change feature

2. Added Baseball Records tap  

3. Added Channel Search feature

Update 2023.06.15

1. Added Baseball lineup and position widgets

2. Fixed Baseball widgets

3. Improved Search tab UI and features

Update 2023.06.08

1. Added match card designs

2. Improved Baseball control 

3. Added Soccer lineup widget

4. Added Connect tab

Update 2023.06.01

1. Added baseball pitch count

2. Added two new widgets

3. Fixed minor issues

Update 2023.05.25

1. Added pitcher's score detail

2. Improved Hotkey feature

3. Added Autoplay function

4. Added Unlisted option to the scoreboard

5. Fixed minor issues

Update 2023.05.18

   1. Added Baseball Scorecard feature

   2. Added Hotkey feature

   3. Added Foot volleyball and Sepak Takraw scoreboard

   4. Improved Log function of the scoreboard

Update 2023.05.11

1. Improved profile on the account page

2. Improved scoreboard control UX

3. Improved match list of Home and My Channel

Update 2023.05.04

1. Added badminton Controller 3

2. Improved basketball Controller

3. Added usage limitation of Text-to-Speech and Translation functions

Update 2023.04.27

    1. Added two baseball defensive lineup theme

    2. Improved basketball Controller 1

    3. Added scoreboard theme Universal 4

    4. Improved real-time captioning feature

Update 2023.04.20

   1. Improved search function

    2. Improved badminton controller

    3. Improved baseball theme 1

    4. Improved Create/Edit Match popup

    5. Added watermark

Update 2023.04.13

   1. Improved baseball player controller

    2. Added Penalty Shoot-out feature

    3. Improved mobile player controller UX

    4. Improved lineup function

    5. Added two new caption styles

Update 2023.04.06

   1. Improved Create/Edit Match popup window UI

   2. Improved Match detail page UI

   3. Improved search function

   4. Added resending function

1. Added search function
2. Added automatic hashtags function
3. Added baseball Inning-by-Inning Scoreboard overlay
4. Added changing match status function
5. Added captioning display effect
6. Improved match log video playback function

1. Added match log video playback function
2. Improved Control page function
3. Improved the design of Create/Edit Match popup
4. Added Skeleton UI to real-time captioning
5. Fixed minor bugs

1. Improved the UI of the match info card
2. Added Stick to top / Unstick, and size change function to the scoreboard preview
3. Added match title font size change function
4. Added automatic sending on / off function
5. Improved the UI of the baseball 2 theme

1. Added update button on match detail
2. Improved the UI of the timer
3. Added additional time to the soccer scoreboard
4. Added text on the image speaker type of the caption style
5. Added My Channel
6. Fixed Error