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[Manual] Why Does YouTube state that my channel has not been authenticated in spite my channel has been verified?

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

Today I would like to tell you why your channel is unauthenticated. For YouTube live-streaming, your account/channel should be verified for YouTube live-streaming.

YouTube live-streaming certification process is NOT received per account but rather, You should get one certification per channel.

In other words, when your YouTube account(A) has two channels; one basic account channel(a) and sub-channel(b), You should get different certification for each channel.

When you first log-in to CameraFi Live, your basic account channel(a) is selected. If you have two or more channels, you should choose the channel where you got the YouTube live-streaming certification. Many people are authenticated on the a basic channel(a) and live-stream on the unauthenticated channel(b).  The issue is caused because the channel that you’d like to broadcast is not the authenticated channel.

 In this case, what should we do?
1. Go to YouTube website.

2. On the right top, click the profile image and go to the Creator Studio.

3. Go to CREATOR STUDIO – CHANNEL – Status and features.

4.  Check if my broadcasting channel got authentication of live-streaming tab.

Let me show you the example with CameraFi Live team’s account.
**CameraFi Live team has two channels.
Sales Manager is the basic channel with YouTube account.
CameraFi channel with 4,260 subscribers is channel b where CameraFi Live team broadcast most. Channel CameraFi’s live-streaming tab says “Enabled”, which means it is a channel that has received live-streaming verification.

It means you can live-stream with CameraFi channel.

But, what about Sales Manager live-streaming tab?
It says “Eligible”. It means that it hasn’t got the authentication certificate yet.

I hope this posting was helpful for solving your YouTube live-streaming error.

Thank you.