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[Notice] What Can You Get with Subscribed CameraFi Live?

What Can You Get with Subscribed CameraFi Live?

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

I would like to tell you what difference you can get with premium version. You can download and use CameraFi Live for free. We provide you more features in Premium(paid) version.

Below is a table that shows the difference between free and premium version of CameraFi Live:

* The table shows the general settings, but the detailed setting might vary according to your live-streaming server, or your smartphone.

*Supported resolutions and frame rate may differ depending on the manufacturer and device.

If you want to know about resolution and FPS for each device, please refer to the link below;

Thank you.


  1. so, to accomplish a Live Stream of Picture In Picture whereby BOTH cameras on the phone are streaming Live, I need to buy the Premium version because this ability is provided in the "Image/Video/Audio Overlay" line item, correct?


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