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[Manual] How to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

Chat overlay is the feature that you can add your chat history in the live video. Your fans can see the chatting screen in the left while the broadcast like the picture below.

I will show you how to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast.

1. Swipe from right to the left to control the Right Swipe Menu. In the menu select the option PLUGIN.

2. Choose the option Chat Overlay.

3. The Chat Overlay option allows to choose Chat's color.

* Be careful! You  have to press the Chat window on/off button so to activate or deactivate the chatting screen in your transmission. Before you transmit, please check once again if the button is on(the text is yellow).

[Before(Chat Overlay OFF)]
[After(Chat Overlay ON]

Broadcasters can activate the chat window by pressing on the chat icon located under the play and stop sign.

This is the view broadcasters can see:

If you have any questions about Chat Overlay feature, please leave us a comment.
Thank you.