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[Manual] How to Multistream for Free with Restream(EN/PT/ID/TH)

CameraFi Live supports Restream for multistreaming.

Restream is a multi-streaming platform that supports 30+ platforms like  YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Some users used Restream by Custom RTMP to register the RTMP URL and stream key. Now, you can use Restream by the login.

So, let's follow step by step for multi-streaming with Restream! Let's start from the Restream dashboard.

1.Log into Restream.

2. Click the +Add Channel button to add the platform to multi-stream.

3. Select the broadcasting platform you want.
*Periscope and AfreecaTV do not work in the current CameraFi Live.

4. Connect your live-streaming account.

5. Click the Authorize button to grant Restream to access your account.

6. Open CameraFi Live and choose Restream platform.

7. Log in with your Restream account.

8. Click Allow button to authorize CameraFi Live to use your account.

9. Click the START button and go to the main page to start live-streaming.

How about chat data?

You can also add a chat window by clicking second left globe icon(web overlay) - Restream Chat button.

The chat shows like the picture below;

*Chat with web overlay-Restream chat icon is the feature provided by CameraFi Live, so it is not working with chat settings in Restream. In order to make chat settings work, you need to add direct Embed-In-Stream URL.

Let's start from chat settings in Restream!

1.Click Chat icon on the left side and click Open in Browser button to enter chat or set up the chat settings.

2. On the right bottom, you can see the settings button for chat settings.

3. Click Settings - Embed In Stream to find out Embed In Stream URL and detailed chat settings.

4. Copy the URL and paste it into CameraFi Live Web Overlay URL#1.

5. Adjust the theme, message alignment, size and etc in Settings.

As Restream shows various themes for the message, you can choose it among it. Here are some examples for you.

            (Default Compact)                                             (Comic)

               (PUBG Boxed)                                          (Bo4 Boxed)

Here is a Restream's article that introduces how to stream from mobile using Restream and CameraFi live. You can also check with the link below;

I'd like to add the sample live video about multi-streaming. CameraFi Live team broadcast live simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch using Restream. You can check the live-streaming video here.

If you have any questions about CameraFi Live, please leave us a comment.

Thank you!