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[Manual] How to Verify your Account for Creating a YouTube Livestream with CameraFi Live(EN/ES/PT/ID/TH)

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

In order to broadcast live through YouTube, you should verify your YouTube account for live-streaming. 
Some said it is very difficult to do it. So today, I will tell you how to verify your account for YouTube Live-streaming with CameraFi Live.

1. Select broadcasting server(YouTube).

2. Choose an account for live streaming.

3. Click on the button GO so to edit the characteristics of your Live-streaming.

4. When you are done setting up your broadcast's configuration click on the button CREATE.

5. A message will  pop up for starting the YouTube Live-streaming verification process. Select AUTHENTICATE.

[YouTube Account Verification Process]

If you click AUTHENTICATE, it goes to the YouTube account verification process.

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Select the channel to get the account verification.

3. Account Verification 1: Enter your phone number.

4. Account Verification 2: Enter your 6-digit verification code.

5. The YouTube account is now verified.

Google says the YouTube account verification process would take up to 24 hours.
Then, you can broadcast live with CameraFi Live.

Enjoy CameraFi Live with more useful functions!! For more information, please reply to the post.

Thank you!


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