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[Manual] How to Broadcast Live on Facebook with Your Smartphone Camera(EN/ES/PT/ID/TH)

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

Do you like to communicate more with your friends, Page viewers, or Group members?

How about Live Streaming on Facebook?

CameraFi Live is an Android live-streaming app that you can broadcast on Facebook with your mobile camera. You can broadcast live on Facebook with your smartphone within a few clicks.

Then, let's see how easy it is.

1) Click Log in with Facebook.
2) Select where to stream.
3) Click START to go to the main screen.

4) Start live-streaming with GO button.

* If you want to stream live on your Facebook group, you need to add CameraFi Live as a allowed app for your Facebook group. For more information, please click HERE.

CameraFi Live provides the following features that you CANNOT do by Facebook app.



CameraFi Live supports diverse real-time video editing features. For example, you can overlay various sources like image, text, video, and audio to your live video in real-time.

With those overlay features, you can create your amazing videos! :D

For further information about each overlays, please refer to the link below;

* [Manual] How to Add Image Files in Your Live Video
* [Manual] How to Add a Subtitle in Your Live Video
* [Manual] How to Live Stream a Pre-recorded Video to Facebook Live
* [Manual] How to Use Audio Mixer_Apply Audio Files as BGM


Live-streaming is very important because you can attract more viewers and communicate with your fans immediately. To engage more viewers in your streaming, you need alerts to show comments, donations, and subscriptions.

By using Streamlabs widget in CameraFi Live, you can add the URL.
For further information about it, please click here.


CameraFi Live supports a variety of animated effects including thumbs-up, likes, standby, intro, or outro effects. Moreover, we provide various dynamic image/text that you can edit the text or image in the effect. For example, in sports live-streaming, you can introduce players and show the scoreboard.

For more info, please read the manual or the sample videos in the YouTube playlist.

* [Manual] How to Use Motion Graphics(Effects)

* YouTube Playlist: [Motion Graphics]

Don't hesitate to start live-streaming!

Broadcasting to your timeline or your Facebook page is available only with a few steps above. However, if you want to broadcast to your Facebook group, you need to add CameraFi Live to your group app. For more details, please click here.

If you have any questions while using the app, please feel free to leave a comment here or send us the email(

Thank you.



    1. Hi. The ability to record internal audio is limited in Android OS. However, since the Android 10 version of the app that allows recording, it provides internal audio recording function.


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