Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.
TEXT is a feature that enables you to add subtitles and information to let your viewers know in your broadcast.
Then shall we take a look at how to use it? 
* It is a feature for premium(paid) users.

1. Swipe the screen to the left and click the TEXT menu.

2. Click the (+) button on the left or (+) button on the right bottom corner. Then, add the text you desire.

3.     After inputting the text, you can adjust the color, font, size, and text background.
After editing the text, click the tick(V) button on the right upper corner. It would be shown on your broadcast.
(From no.1 - 6) color, text input, font, background label, size adjustment

4. You can adjust the size with the double-headed arrow button. Drag the text to set the location. Then, click the On button. Or, you can simply click the text and click the activation button to show it on your broadcast.
* You can add up to 3 text overlays.

5. Press the Edit button to start editing or press delete the button to remove.

If you have any issues or questions while using CameraFi Live, please send us the email via  Settings - Feedback - Report a Bug/Suggest a Feature in the CameraFi Live app.

Thank you! 

(Update: 21/01/08)