Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

CameraFi Live supports the web overlay feature to add streaming widgets like Streamlabs donation alerts or chat box.

For overall tutorials about web overlay features, please click the link below;

If the size of the texts needs to be bigger or small, you can zoom in or out a web overlay.
Let's see how you can zoom in & out your web overlay.

1.Click the magic wand button at the bottom left.

2. Click the WEB tab and choose URL #1.

3. Write your URL and click OK.

4. Adjust the size and location of the web overlay.

5. Click the activation button to show the web on your screen to the viewers.

6. Click the magnifier icon of the web source.

7. You can magnify or reduce the text on web overlay with the red bar.

In Settings, you can adjust the resolution of web overlays: SD(360p) and HD(720p).

Please choose according to the network status.

If you have any questions about CameraFi Live or web overlay, please send us the email via apps.help@vaultmicro.com.

Thank you!