Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

CameraFi Live team supports PRESET feature.

From now on, when you are broadcasting under the same theme, you can do it all at once, without having to call up everything one by one.

Today I'd like to tell you three things about preset;

Let's start with Create&Open preset!

1. Create & Open Preset

You can make new preset & open it.

1) Set every overlays you'd like to add as a preset and click Preset button at the swipe menu.

*In the above example, I added an image overlay and a text overlay.

2) Click (+) button on the bottom right.

3) After setting the preset name, click the OK button at the upper right corner.

4) After clicking Complete button, you can see the popup message that your preset is saved.

5) For using the created preset, select the created preset and click Open.

2. Overwrite Preset

It is to change the configuration of overlays.

1) Change the preset configuration as you wanted and click Preset button at the swipe menu.

*In the example above, I removed the text overlay from the existing configuration, and added the effect.

2) Choose the preset you want to overwrite and click Save at the right top.

3) Click OK button in the popup window asking whether to overwrite the selected preset.

4) Then, your new composition of Preset1 is saved.

3. Delete Preset

You can remove your existing preset.

1) In preset mode, click Delete button.

2) Click OK button in the popup window asking to delete the preset.

3) The preset is deleted.

If you broadcast frequently with various overlays, you can prepare for broadcasting more quickly by using the preset function. I would like you to be able to prepare your broadcast a little easier with it :)

Thank you.
(Updated: 20/08/25)