If you click each version, you can find detailed information about the update.

[iOS Version]


Added Twitch Live Streaming Feature

iPad External Camera Connection Support

iPad UI Support Expanded Multi-Language Support Fixed External Microphone Connection Bug Improved Other Performance And Stability


Fixed image effect bug.


Added CameraFi STUDIO connection feature.


Added Restream.io support for multi-streaming feature. 

Fixed bugs related to Twitch and YouTube live streaming. 

Added chat overlay feature.


Added Twitch live streaming feature. 

Expanded multi-language support. 

Fixed external microphone connection bug.


Added camera focus and exposure lock feature.


Resolved the issue of video effects not being visible.

Improved other performance and stability.


• Added preset feature.

• Improved stability of external device connection function(Improved stability of Accsoon SeeMo Integration).


• Fixed app crash issue during Facebook connect.
• Improved stability of external device connection function(Improved stability of Accsoon SeeMo Integration)

[Android Version]

1. Added CameraFi Studio connection feature
2. Added support for Facebook 1080p resolution
3. Improved performance and stability

1. Added Virtual Background Feature
2. Expanded Camera Support Range
3. Improved Performance and Stability

1. Added microscope feature
2. Added CameraFi login feature
3. Improved other performance and stability

1. Added stopwatch and timer features
2. Added multi-camera feature(beta)
3. Added sync feature for each audio source
4. Improved effect/web source UI/UX 
5. Improved other performance and stability

1. Improved Web Overlay Feature on Android12
2. Improved Chat Toast Feature
3. Resolved Back Camera Not Working Issue on Redmi9

1. CameraFi Live is supported on Android 12
2. Zoom issue on some Huawei devices resolved 

1. Added Source Switcher feature
2. Added Pinch to zoom & Swipe to pan features
3. Added Help Center
4. Resolution and Frame Rate additional support
5. Fixed minor issues

1. Add a golf scoreboard 
2. Improve scoreboard control functions
3. Improve player introduction effects
4. Improve Multiple Shot function
5. Fix minor issues

1. Add effects and text background images
2. Support vertical streaming of external camera (USB camera)
3. Fix minor issues

1. Add a function to change the privacy mode asset
2. Support front wide-angle camera
3. Add a center crop function
4. Reopen 720p(HD) 60fps resolution option for USB cameras
5. Add a screen orientation lock
6. Change the storage path of SD card on Android 11
7. Fix minor issues(libssl issue, etc.)

1. Update to UI 2.0
2. Support vertical broadcasting
3. Support a text preset
4. Optimize the app for Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G
5. Fixed minor bugs and improve performance

1. Support a built-in camera broadcasting on Facebook Live
2. Support a USB storage
3. Add a feature to change settings during a live-streaming
4. Add a Privacy button in camera mode
5. Fix minor bugs

1. Added Facebook gaming metadata in a screen mode
2. Added audio volume control in a screen mode
3. Added Labs
4. Fixed minor bugs

1. Add a camera pro feature
2. Add an audio volume control
3. Add an internal sound recording
4. Fix minor bugs