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[Notice] Pro, Volume Control, Internal Sound Recording(Android10)_CameraFi Live Update(V1.25.24.0115)

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

It is 1st update in 2020. Let’s see what changed!

1) Add a camera pro feature
– Become a broadcasting expert with camera pro feature!
– Camera pro feature is moved to a Hamburger menu on upper right corner of the screen.
(For more information about the Hamburger menu, please click here.)
– You can adjust ISO, exposure level, shutter speed, and white balance at the left column as well as focus and zoom by a dial at the right column.

2) Add an audio volume control
– You can easily control audio volume by Microphone icon at the top!
– Check which microphone is connected by three different mic icons.
– With one click, you can control audio volume, speaker out, and zoom by a volume button.

3) Add an internal sound recording
– The users using Android 10 devices can record and live-stream with internal audio.
– You can connect a wired/Bluetooth earphone and transmit your donation/subscription alert sounds.
   (This feature only works for apps that allow external apps to record audio.)

4) Fix minor bugs

You can download CameraFi Live here at the below link;

If you need any help, please leave us a comment.

Thank you.


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