Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team :)

We are pleased to announce the new CameraFi Live app update. 
Let’s look at it in more detail.

CameraFi Live Update(Scheduled to be released in the end of October)
- Added microscope feature
- Added CameraFi login feature
- Improved performance and stability

1. Microscope Feature

In order to improve the convenience of users, the microscope features of "CameraFi" and "CameraFi2" will be included in CameraFi Live! With this update, users can use all of the CameraFi features in the CameraFi Live app without downloading a separate app.

What is the microscope feature?

With the microscope feature you can connect a microscope to your smartphone and measure the size of small microorganisms in your smartphone screen. If you are planning to use an external camera, especially a microscope, try the newly released microscope feature :)

How to use a microscope feature.

※ You will need and external camera and a ruler!

Select the microscope from the main screen and click the Start button.

After connecting the microscope or external camera to your smartphone, click the OK button when the guide message appears.

1) Measure function

If you use the microscope function, you can measure the length of the object being photographed with your smartphone. This function works especially well with a microscope since you can measure down to micrometers!

Click the hamburger button, activate the Measure function, and click the Calibration button.

The calibration MUST be set in order to use the measure function. The calibration is in charge of matching your smartphone's screen measurements with real-life measurements. (Example: make 1mm in your screen correspond to 1mm off-screen).

Please select a unit of measurement.

The recommended unit of measurement is 100 micrometers. Because units are measured by hand, the margin of error may increase if the units of measurement are too small.

Drag the vertical line left or right to match the real ruler and CameraFi Live units.
Click the check button to complete the unit setting.

2) Photo/Video shooting

Now you can measure the length of the objects you want to measure with CameraFi Live.
You can take a picture/record by selecting photo/video and pressing the shoot button.

If you want the measurement function to be included in the photo/video, start shooting after activating the measurement function.

3) Freezing

With the Freezing function you can freeze your screen.

When measuring the length of a moving microorganism, you can measure the length after freezing the image with the freezing function.

4) Adjustment

The adjustment function allows you to adjust the settings of the microscope in the CameraFi Live app. The adjustment function does not adjust the smartphone camera settings, but directly adjusts the connected camera settings. Settings on the microscope will be automatically adjusted.

2. Login Feature

To provide various functions that are going to be released in the future, we added the CameraFi login feature.

For more detailed content, please refer to the link below :)

3. Only for India users: Changing to auto-renewing subscriptions in India

Starting from May last year, India’s central bank policy prevented Indian subscribers from purchasing auto-renewing subscriptions. Indian users only have been able to purchase one-time purchases since then.

You can now have an auto-renewing subscription again!

Please note that a one-time product has been replaced with an auto-renewing subscription product.

*You need to update CameraFi Live app in order to use the auto-renewing subscription. For inquiries regarding subscription, please contact apps.help@vaultmicro.com.

Thank you :)