CameraFi Live update news! Virtual background feature has been added and the camera support range has been expanded.

CameraFi Live Update(V1.34.13.0420)
- Added Virtual Background Feature
- Expanded Camera Support Range
- Improved Performance and Stability

Added Virtual Background Feature

The virtual background functionality allows you to use a virtual background instead of a real one during live streaming.

Even when your background is not clean or you don't want to reveal your shooting space, you can create a professional broadcast with the desired background.

How to use Virtual Background

Select the platform you want to broadcast from on the main screen and click the START button.

You can see the AI tab when you click on the widget icon! Click on AI.

Select the virtual background you want. You can insert basic virtual background images, blue screen, and green screen to the background and broadcast with them. 

Example image
Example of applying a virtual background image

Example of applying a green screen background

Use your own background

You can also upload your own background image and broadcast with a special background!
Scroll left and click the + button.

Select the background from color, color code, or image.

Q1. When I selected the virtual background, only the background is visible and not the person!
A1. Please check if the camera direction (front/back) is selected correctly. If you are shooting in a place where there is no person, only the virtual background will be visible!

Q2. The outline of the person is not neat!
A2. The virtual background will be applied better if there are no obstacles around and the shooting background is clean. Please try shooting in a place without obstacles :)

Expanded Camera Support Range

Wide-angle and telephoto camera functions have been added!

Click on the camera switch button on the broadcast screen.

If you see the Ultra Wide and Tele buttons, it means that the device supports the respective wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

Choose the magnification you want and take a shot :)

*Please note that the camera support may vary depending on the smartphone device.

Create a professional live broadcast using this update feature!