Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team :)

We’re here to announce that CameraFi Live has been updated.
This update includes a timer and multi-camera features that many users requested. Please look forward to it.
CameraFi Live Update - Added stopwatch and timer features
- Added multi-camera feature(beta)
- Added sync feature for each audio source
- Improved effect/web source UI/UX
- Improved other performance and stability

1. Added stopwatch and timer

We always consider our users' feedback! The very much requested stopwatch and timer web source features are now available!

1) Stopwatch
Add the stopwatch effect from the web sources.

Long press the stopwatch effect to edit it.

You can start, stop, reset, lap, and clear laps in the STOPWATCH tab.

You can change the text color, font, background color, etc in the PROPERTIES tab.

2) Timer
Add a timer from the web sources.

You can control the timer, such as setting the time, and starting and stopping the timer in the TIMER tab.

You can change the color, font, timer type, text, etc in the PROPERTIES tab.

We will continue to update and improve the Scoreboard and timer :)

2. Added multi-camera feature(beta) The newly added Multi-camera feature allows you to broadcast by connecting multiple smartphones! Since you can connect an external camera to CameraFi Live, you can also broadcast by connecting a smartphone and an external camera. ​​Please refer to the following tutorial for how to use the multi-camera:
Prepare a main smartphone(main smartphone to control the broadcast) and a sub smartphone(smartphone to connect to the main smartphone).

Connect both smartphones as a hotspot.
Main smartphone
Click the icon in the lower right corner to add an SRT source.

Select Listener for Mode and click OK.

Sub smartphone

Click SRT server

Select Caller for Mode and click OK.

Click the QR code icon then scan the QR code on your main smartphone.

By scanning the QR code, you can match the SRT URL of the sub smartphone and the main smartphone.

You can broadcast videos shot from various angles in real-time while switching scenes. *This feature is currently in beta version. We are looking forward to feedback from our users.

3. Added sync feature for each audio source Settings > Lab > Turn on Audio Sync.

You can adjust the audio sync for each source by clicking the microphone icon.
If video and audio are out of sync, use the - / + buttons to adjust.

4. Improved Effect/Web source UI/UX The UI/UX of effects and web sources has been improved to make real-time editing easier.
Long press the effect to open the edit window.

For a more convenient editing experience, we have separated the text and effect settings tabs.

Click the text you want to edit, then a text input window will appear on the screen.
Click the input box to edit the text.

The scoreboard score input UI/UX has also been improved!

Use the new features of CameraFi Live to create high-quality broadcasts! Thank you.