Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.
CameraFi Live updated with new features. Let’s see what changed!

1) Support a built-in camera broadcasting on Facebook Live

- Enjoy Facebook Live with your smartphone camera!

- In the latest version, you can broadcast your live-streaming only by your Facebook login. Without writing custom RTMP URL and stream key, you can easily start your Facebook live-streaming right away.

- If you wonder about Facebook live-streaming with your smartphone, camera, please click here.

2) Support a USB storage

- No Internal Storage? Just use USB Flash Drive!
- In the Recording mode, you can save the recorded videos in USB storage as well as internal storage.

3) Add a feature to change settings during a live-streaming

- Don't worry if you set the wrong title, description, or privacy. Just change it during the broadcast.

- With Settings menu in the Hamburger menu on the right top, you can change settings such as Title, description, Privacy, or Category during a live-streaming.

4) Add a Privacy button in camera mode

- You may leave for a while during the live-streaming. Privacy button will protect your privacy.

- With Privacy button in the hamburger menu, you can activate the privacy protection mode.
- You can leave just for a short time during the live-streaming, or turn on the standby screen when you first turn of the broadcast and wait for viewers to come.

5) Fix minor bugs

You can download CameraFi Live here at the below link;
– https://goo.gl/qjtCVD

If you need any help, please leave us a comment.

-Facebook(CameraFi): https://www.facebook.com/vaultmicrocamerafi/

Thank you.