Hello, this is CameraFi Live team :)

CameraFi Live has been updated! Let’s find out what has changed with this update.

1. Added Source Switcher feature

2. Added Pinch to zoom & Swipe to pan features

3. Added Help Center

4. Resolution and Frame Rate additional support

5. Fixed minor issues

1. Added Source Switcher feature

Source Switcher is a feature that allows you to change video, image, CROP, and other sources easily during live.

Please add sources by clicking the icon at the bottom right.

In the middle of live streaming, click any source you want. In a second, you can switch scenes.

Press and hold the source to edit, move, and delete it.

2. Added Pinch to zoom & Swipe to Pan features

Added the features to zoom/move the screen using your fingers in the CROP feature.

  • Pinch to zoom

Pinch to zoom refers to the feature that you can zoom in or out by using two fingers.

Click Source Switcher, add CROP.

After selecting CROP, zoom in and out using two fingers.

  • Swipe to pan

The Swipe to pan feature allows you to pan screen using one finger.

After selecting CROP, drag the screen with one finger.

The active part is marked in red, and you can create natural camera movement.

You can produce more dynamic live streams with these features.

4. Added Help Center

We added a Help Center feature at CameraFi Live.

If you click “Do you need any help?” at CameraFi Live’s home screen, you can go to our Help Center.

At the Help Center, you can quickly check the Beginners guide, FAQ, newest update news, etc.

Tutorials for YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Web overlay, etc are categorized at FAQ, so, if you have any questions please use FAQ feature.

5. Resolution and Frame Rate additional support

In response to user feedback, resolution and frame rate options have been added.

The frame rate of 24 fps has been added, 480p and 60fps options have been added for screen mode broadcasts.

  • Added 24fps Frame rate.
  • Added 480p screen broadcast resolution.
  • Added 60fps screen broadcast frame rate.

You can set the resolution and frame rate via Settings-Stream

*As only the resolution can be checked and changed in the broadcast creation window, so if you want to change the frame rate, please change it in the settings.

6. Fixed minor issues.

App download

If you have any questions, please ask via apps.help@vaultmicro.com

Thank You!