Check out the latest updates for CameraFi Live! This version introduces exciting new features, including the CameraFi Studio connection feature, and support for Facebook 1080p resolution.

CameraFi Live Update:

- Added CameraFi Studio connection feature - Added support for Facebook 1080p resolution - Improved performance and stability

1. Added CameraFi Studio connection feature CameraFi Studio is a web-based service that provides various sports scoreboard themes for more than 10 sports, and real-time captioning widgets.

This latest update, you can easily connect and use CameraFi Studio in the CameraFi Live app!

You can use CameraFi Studio's scoreboards and real-time captioning directly within CameraFi Live with just a few clicks. 

For more information, check out our post here

2. Added Support for Facebook 1080p Resolution CameraFi Live now supports Facebook resolutions up to 1080p. Make a high-quality broadcast with FHD live streaming on Facebook!

3. Improved performance and stability Fixed YouTube Live Title Editing Issue We've fixed a previous issue where YouTube live broadcast titles could not be edited. You can now edit your YouTube live titles.

Thank you. :)