Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team 🙂

We are excited to share the latest update for CameraFi Live.

New Features:

  • Added preview feature for adjusting effect size/position
  • Added vertical streaming feature for YouTube Live now
  • Added support for Sony PDT-FP1 device

1. Added Preview Feature for Adjusting Effect Size/Position

Now you can preview and fine-tune the size and position of effects!

Previously, it was inconvenient as there was no preview when adjusting the size or changing the position of effects/web sources. This update resolves that issue 🙂

2. Added Vertical Streaming Feature for YouTube Live Now

Until now, only horizontal streaming was supported when broadcasting the screen via YouTube Streaming now. With vertical streaming, your broadcasts will appear on YouTube Shorts and vertical live feeds.

3. Support for Sony PDT-FP1 Device

The Sony PDT-FP1, similar to a smartphone, is resistant to heat and supports multiple inputs (USB Type-C, LAN, HDMI), enabling smooth and efficient file transfer and live streaming capabilities that are generally not supported on smartphones.

Now, even devices without autofocus, like the Sony PDT-FP1, can download and use the CameraFi Live app from the Google Play Store.

Thank you.