Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.
With the swipe menu, you can use the various feature of CameraFi Live.
If you swipe left, the swipe menu(hidden menu) will be shown.

For how-to manuals about each feature, please click the feature name below;

  • VIDEO: You can add the internal camera of your smartphone, USB external camera, video, and image files. You can use the PIP(Picture-in-Picture) as well.

  • AUDIO: Select the audio sources to be used in your live stream. This allows you to add audio and voice/recording files from your smartphone microphone (or a wired microphone or a Bluetooth microphone connected to the smartphone). Or, you can add audio and voice/recording files from USB camera devices.

  • IMAGE: You can add a logo image of your live stream or an image file that you want to add to your broadcast screen.

  • TEXT: You can use subtitles, notices, or text-based memos for your broadcast.

  • EFFECT: It is the smiling-emoji icon at the bottom left corner of the main screen, where you can add many different creative effects.

  • WEB: it is the globe-shaped icon at the bottom left corner of the main screen that allows you to add web-based sources to your live stream.

  • CHAT: Chat history (comments) of the broadcast can be displayed in the video.

  • PRESET: You can add and save various overlays as a preset so that you can bring them back to the screen in the next streaming for faster broadcasting preparation.

I hope every CameraFi Live user is using the swipe menu for a better live broadcast.

Thank you for your interest in CameraFi Live. See you!
(Update: 21/01/07)