Hi, This is the CameraFi STUDIO team.

In this basic guide for CameraFi STUDIO beginners, we will explain how to use the CameraFi STUDIO feature!

1. Create Scoreboard

2. Add Team
3. Managing Sports Match
4. Scoreboard Setting
5. Hotkey Setting
6. Event (1)

Upload Date: April 19, 2024

Based on mobile platforms, the web UI may appear differently.

After entering the basic information, you can create an event that allows access to a leaderboard, schedules, a gallery, and an open chat feature.

Dive deeper into your tournament's details and manage them efficiently!

1. Leaderboard

1) Creating a Leaderboard

Click the [+ Create Leaderboard] button.

2) Selecting Winning Conditions

Choose between Points Mode or Win/Lose Mode for the tournament's victory criteria.

3) Adding Teams

Click the [+ Add Team] button to search for or directly add teams. 

A minimum of two teams must be added. You can view the teams added as follows.

4) Modifications 

While you can change the leaderboard mode, changing the victory criteria will not preserve the information in the leaderboard and schedule.

Teams added manually can be edited or deleted. 

Teams registered on your channel, other users' channels, or channels themselves can only be deleted.

Clicking 'Delete Leaderboard' will remove all schedules and teams (players).

5) Win/Lose and Points

Win/Lose Mode: For each team (player), their rank, gameplay (GP), win(W), draw(D), lose(L), percentage(PCT), and point differential(PD) are automatically updated based on the results entered in the schedule.

Points Mode: Points are manually entered based on each team's (player's) game results, and rankings are updated automatically. 

Click the settings icon to change or delete the leaderboard mode.

2. Schedule

1) Adding Schedules 

Click the [+ Add Schedule] or [+] button to add a game schedule for registered teams.

2) Schedule Details

Click on the game schedule and select each team's (player's) game start time*, home team*, and away team*.

If there's a URL for videos or other content, it can be added.

Added game schedules can be viewed by date.

3) Editing and Entering Scores

Click the pencil icon or settings icon to modify or enter game situations or scores in real-time.

The number of games added and the scores are automatically reflected in the leaderboard for Win/Lose Mode.

3. Gallery

Upload memorable moments of the tournament to the gallery.

4. Open Chat

Real-time chatting is possible through the Open Chat feature. 

If you have any questions or stories to share, utilize the Open Chat function.