Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio team.

In this basic guide for CameraFi Studio beginners, we will explain how to use the CameraFi Studio Website !

1. Create Scoreboard
2. Add Team
3. Managing Match Events
4. Scoreboard Setting
5. Hotket Setting

Upload Date : July 14, 2023

🎊 Create Scoreboard 🎊

Match event(Scoreboard) is a function that logs games to use the controller and uploads live streams on my channel.

We will explain how to create match events !

On the main page, you can create match events in two ways.

1. Click the [Scoreboard] bottom of [Let’s get started!].

2. Click the Camera Icon and the [Create] Pop-up’s [Scoreboard].

[Create match events] pop-up window is linked.

Match info, Team info’s * marking must be filled. 

ℹ️ Enter the Match events information ℹ️

1. Public Settings

 ▾ icon : choose your match events [Public], [Unlisted] or [Private].

2. Match Info

icon of the [Sports type]*: choose the types you want to create.

17 Sports types are registered, including [universal].

* [Universal] is available regardless of features of the sports type.

* [Universal] is default.

🚨 If you change the sports type, the registered Team Info will be initialized, so it is recommended to choose the Sports type before entering in Team Info.

Click the icon of the [Player type]* to choose types of player features.

* [Club] is the default.

Enter the [Match title]*.

Enter the [League title],  [Sports venue].

Enter the [Match date]* / [Start time]* / [Match status]*.

* The date, time of the day of creation and “schedule” are entered as default.

3. Team Info

Import pre-created team players by [IMPORT TEAM].

* Check the [CREATE TEAM] guide for beginners, how to use this function. 

+ icon: register [Team logo].

* If you registered Team logo, you can see it on [Match Event Info], [Scoreboard]

Enter the [Home - Away team name].

* “HOME”, “AWAY” is the default.

[Add player]

Enter the lineup of HOME and AWAY.

Register players by clicking [+ADD PLAYER], after entering the Name, Position, Number and Starting lineup / Substitutes.

[Edit player’s info]

Edit the player’s info by clicking the section you want.

icon: return to section you enter it

After the edit, click the save icon.

Arrow icon(↓ or ↑): change Starting lineup and Substitutes.

Recycle bin icon: delete the player's section 

= icon: change the player’s order by dragging.

4. Details

Enter Details about match events.

[Description]: Enter the match description, it can be viewed at the match events Info tab.

[Video URL]: Video can be viewed on the Video tab of Match Events when entered.

                      Thumbnail will be shown in the match events list, if the video has a thumbnail.

[Hashtag]: Search or Click the tag, you can view the associated match events.

* Sports type, Player type, League title, Sports venue which enter in is default.  

[Image Gallery]

+ADD IMAGE: Add the game’s photos

If you check the Show Thumbnail, the best photo you choose will be a thumbnail.