Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio team.

In this basic guide for CameraFi Studio beginners, we will explain how to use the CameraFi Studio Website !

1. Create Scoreboard
2. Add Team
3. Managing Sports Events
4. Scoreboard Setting
5. Hotkey Setting

Upload Date: July 17, 2023

🕹️ Settings Scoreboard 🕹️ 

Widget is a tool that shows created match events information.

- Scoreboard, Match Info, Lineup, Position etc.

Copy the URL, you can show the game record on live streaming at CameraFi live app.

Click Widget icon, [My Channel] - [Match Events] - Event page.

1. Game Start and End

Schedule changes when you press the [START].

Live changes when you press the [FINISH].

Controllers can still be used after finishing the game.

2. URL Settings

Widget can be overlaid with Live streaming.

Press Add URL button, you can add a variable widget.

* Scoreboard and URL 2 is default.
* Widgets available for each sports type may vary.

You can change and edit the widget.

Change name of the widget: Click on the name to edit it.

Open new tab: Check the widget on the new tab.

Delete icon: Delete the widget.

Change icon: Switch other widget.

Add widget: Multiple widget can be created in one URL.

⊗ icon: Delete widgets created in one URL.

3. Control

1) Choose controller

Choose a controller that is easy to record game scores.

You can set Hotkey in [Controller1], if the keyboard is connected.

* Keyboard default behavior is disabled when you use Hotkey.

2) Player Info

If you add players, you can record scores by using each player CONTROL. 

* CONTROL available for each sports type can be vary.

* You can check the player's log in [LOG] tab.

3) Timer

This is a time function that is displayed on the scoreboard, and you can choose Hide/Show.
If you want to start the timer, you have to enter the time in person.

Two types: Count Up(upward) / CountDown(downward), you can change it by clicking.

* Countdown is default.

4) Record

You can record the result of an inning Batter / Pitcher. 

* If you want to know this, please check the [Baseball Controller] page.

4. Theme

In the theme tab, you can customize Match title, Font size, Team name, Color, Logo, Custom CSS.


5. LOG

In the log tab, the history of games that use the controller is recorded, and each log can be edited.

Click the + icon if you want to directly record your own games.

Click [ADD COMMENTARY] buttons,

if you enter Commentary type, Team, Time(Inning), HOME team - Away team score. 

You can also edit or delete the log.

- Edit: If you click the record, you can edit Time, Inning, Commentary, Result.

            After the edit, click the save icon.

- Delete: Click the record that you want to delete. And click the delete icon.

Record a history of the game and click the SORT button.

Record will be sorted in order of race time.