Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio team.

In this basic guide for CameraFi Studio beginners, we will explain how to use the CameraFi Studio Website !

1. Create Scoreboard
2. Add Team
3. Managing Match Events
4. Scoreboard Setting
5. Hotkey Setting

Upload Date: July 17, 2023

🛠️ Managing Match Events 🛠️

You can manage your Match Events on [My Channel].

These are Management components.

1. Edit match info

2. Public settings

3. Share

4. Delete match info

Click the icon, on the [my channel] - [Match Events] tab.  

1. [Edit match info] : Edit the match info you created match events.

2. [Public settings]: Change your match events [Public], [Unlisted] or [Private].

3. [Share]: Copy your game's URL, and share with others.

4. [Delete match info]: Permanently delete the Match events data.