Hi, This is the CameraFi STUDIO team.

In this basic guide for CameraFi STUDIO beginners, we will explain how to use the CameraFi STUDIO feature!

1. Create Scoreboard
2. Add Team
3. Managing Sports Match
4. Scoreboard Setting
5. Hotkey Setting
6. Events

Upload Date: November 14, 2023

Events are a feature that allow you to connect, manage and inform people about competitions.

In addition to sports competitions, create various events and share them with people!

How to make events from now on.

1. Create event

Select [Events] from [Let’s get started!] or [Create].

*marking must be filled.

Enter the event title*.

Select Event type*. Universal is default.

If you set up the Events type* as Sport you can choose sports type* and Player type*

Specify the competition period*.

Click the [+Show more], you can enter the Place, Registration period, Reception URL and upload files related to the event.

2. Description

In the Description part, Attach the images and writing that explain your event well.

If you attach the image, you can choose a thumbnail.

When you designate the thumbnail, it will be shown on the Main and Events page. 

3. Player / Team Registration

You can link or register players/teams. 

1) When does not registered player/team,

0 is default. Click the create button right now!

2) When does register players/teams up to 10.

Enter the number of players/teams or control by +/- button.

Using the search feature add them directly, import player(channel, user) or team which is registered in CameraFi STUDIO. (Linked players/team can’t be edited, only deleted.)

You can enter as many player/team names as the number of registered players/teams. 

Click the profile on player/team names, you can register or edit the profile.

3) When does register players/teams 11 ~ 100.

Exceed the 10 players/teams, you can enter the player/team names one by one or add them using the search feature.

A list of players/teams is created at the bottom.

If you enter the “Required fields”, the Create button is activated.

You can post the events by clicking the Create button.