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[Manual] YouTube / Facebook / Twitch Error Messages and Their Solutions

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. Today we will check the error messages for each broadcasting platforms(YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch) and find out how to solve them. However, even if it has the same error message, it may be caused by other reasons. If the instructions below do not solve your problem, please contact us by the comment below. 1. YouTube 1) YouTube 500 Error Error Message : As the connection to the YouTube server is unstable, you cannot start live-streaming now. Please try again in a few minutes.{"code":500,"message":null} Cause 1 : Unstable YouTube server Solution 1 : In this case, if the YouTube server is stable after a certain time, the live-streaming is available. Cause 2 : No Stream Key because a streamer has never used Stream Now feature before or the created stream has been expired Solution 2 : This can be solved by accessing the YouTube Live Control Room and creating the Stream. Then, please try your live-streami

[Manual] How to Redeem a Google Play Store Promotion Code in CameraFi Live (EN/ES/PT)

Cómo Canjear un Código Promocional de Google Play Store en CameraFi Live(Manual en Español) Como Resgatar um Código de Promoção da Google Play Store no CameraFi Live (Manual em Português)   Hello. This is CameraFi Live team. Google Play Store allows you to redeem discount coupons or gift cards so to receive special discounts in your subscription or app purchases. In this manual you will learn how to redeem Play Store Codes so to use them in CameraFi Live App. 1.      Play Store codes can be redeemed when purchasing a monthly subscription. First, in the recording screen, click on the hamburger menu located in the right upper corner of your screen. Then, click on the icon Settings . 2.  Scroll down through the Settings options list, until you find the SHOP section. Click on Upgrade button located right below SHOP .     3.  Now, choose the Monthly subscription option. Annual subscription does not support Annual Subscription.      4.  When you click p

[Notice] EVENTO - CameraFi Live x Streamers Hispanohablantes-

¡Hola! Somos el equipo de CameraFi Live 👀¿Hablas español y eres usuario de nuestra aplicación? Si cumples con estos requisitos, ¡Este concurso es para ti!👀 ¡CameraFi Live te regala cupones para hacer uso completamente gratis de nuestra versión paga por tres meses !👏👏 Lee atentamente las instrucciones de este evento para ser uno de nuestros ganadores. ⌚Duración del Evento:   Desde el 14 de Febrero del 2020 hasta el 27 de Febrero del 2020  📆Presentación de Ganadores: 2 de Marzo del 2020  8:00pm 🕗 (UCT/GMT -5 ) ⭐ ¿QUE DEBES HACER PARA PARTICIPAR? ⭐  Participar en este evento es muy fácil.  Para participar deberás compartir tus transmisiones y videos en vivo hechas con CameraFi Live en Facebook y en tus canales de YouTube. Antes de compartir tus Live Stream,  deberás incluir  nuestros DOS hashtags #CameraFiLive y #CFLenvivo en el titulo y en la descripción de la transmisión. Al final del evento nuestro e q

[Notice] Baseball Scoreboard Effect Released

Baseball Scoreboard Motion Graphic Released CameraFi Live team recently updated  baseball scoreboard   effect. Sorry for making you wait so long. You can show the  team name, score, innings, ball count, and outs . Please check out the sample video from the link below; As sport live-streaming are increasing, we are also preparing a related service that can contain a variety of sports play information. Thank you :)


If you have any problem while live-streaming, or would like to ask some questions about us, please find the tutorials below: YouTube Live Streaming Facebook & Instagram Live Streaming Web Overlay Real-time Video Editing Screen Capture Broadcast Connecting Cameras Professional Streaming Subscription/Payment Error Messages We also have various channels to share our latest news! Before going to the FAQ page, if you are the first user of CameraFi Live, please check the CameraFi Live Guide for Beginners( EN / ID / TH )  that tells you the icons and how to use various features in CameraFi Live.

[Notice] What Can You Get with Subscribed CameraFi Live?

What Can You Get with Subscribed CameraFi Live? Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. I would like to tell you what difference you can get with premium version.  You can download and use CameraFi Live for free.  We provide you more features in Premium(paid) version. Below is a table that shows the difference between free and premium version of CameraFi Live: * The table shows the general settings, but the detailed setting might vary according to your live-streaming server, or your smartphone. *Supported resolutions and frame rate may differ depending on the manufacturer and device. If you want to know about resolution and FPS for each device, please refer to the link below; - Thank you.

[Manual] How to Schedule a Live Video in YouTube Studio and Bring it to CameraFi Live (YouTube) (EN/TH)

[คู่มือ] วิธีสร้างกำหนดการสตรีมใน YouTube Studio และวิธีไลฟ์สตรีมที่สร้างไว้ล่วงหน้าใน CameraFi Live (YouTube) (TH) Hello, this is CameraFi Live team.    Today, we would like to introduce you a how-to manual to schedule a live video in YouTube Studio and bring it to CameraFi Live. YouTube live-streaming has two types; Stream Now and Event .  Schedule a live video is ONLY available with Event live-streaming.  People with less than 1,000 subscribers might not able to use scheduled live video. This manual will show you how to set up and schedule a live broadcasting. You will need your PC and your Phone. Schedule a Live Video in YouTube Studio [PC] Let’s start from scheduling the event: 1. Click on your channel icon and then click on YouTube newest feature YouTube Studio. 2. In Studio, click on the button Create located next to your channel icon in the right-upper part of your screen and click on the button Go Live. 3. In YouTube Studio, click on the

How to Cancel or Restore Your Paid Subscription (EN/ES/PT/ID/TH)

Cómo Cancelar o Restaurar Tu Suscripción Paga (Manual en Español) Como Cancelar ou Restaurar sua Assinatura Paga(Manual em Português) Cara membatalkan atau mengembalikan langganan berbayar anda (Tutorial dalam bahasa Indonesia) วิธียกเลิกและเรียกคืนการสมัครสมาชิกพรีเมียม (TH) Hello. This CameraFi Live team. CameraFi Live In-app purchase is based on a subscription model. It means that it is paid every month/year until you cancel your subscription. For this reason, this manual will show you how to cancel your CameraFi Live paid subscription. <Cancel Your Subscription> Let’s start by opening Google Play Store. 1.   C lick on the hamburger menu located in the upper-left part of your screen. Below your name and email address, you will find a list of settings. Please, Click on  Subscriptions . 2. Click on CameraFi Live icon to see the contents related to your subscription. 3. Click  Cancel Subscription at the bottom . 4.  Choose your reasons to cancel CameraFi

How to Purchase CameraFi Live Subscription (EN/PT/ID/TH)

Como Assinar o Pacote Premium do CameraFi Live( Manual em Português) Cara membeli langganan CameraFi Live (tutorial dalam bahasa indonesia) วิธีสมัครสมาชิกพรีเมียม CameraFi Live (TH) Hello. This is CameraFi Live Team. Today, we would like to show you how to purchase CameraFi Live premium subscription.   With CameraFi Live Premium version, you can get rid of advertisement, record with better video quality, broadcast in higher resolution, make use of all of our editing features, and so on. Let us guide you through the purchase process! 1.    In CameraFi Live app, Access to the camera recording mode and click on the Hamburger Menu located in the upper-right side of the screen. In the Hamburger menu, click on the Settings Icon. 2.   Scroll down through the various settings until you find the SHOP section. Right below the SHOP section, click on Upgrade. 3.   Choose between CameraFi Live’s All-In-One monthly or annually subscriptions or other packages an