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[Manual] How to Live-stream on YouTube with Under 1000 subscribers(EN/PT)

Como Transmitir Ao Vivo no Youtube com Menos de 1000 Inscritos ( Manual em Português) Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. To be able to live-stream on YouTube mobile, your channel will need to have at least 1K(1,000) subscribers. [Reference: ] However, with Stream Now mode in CameraFi Live , you can broadcast live on YouTube with under 1000 subscribers. YouTube live-streaming has two options;  Event  and  Stream Now . With Stream Now mode in CameraFi Live, you can broadcast live on YouTube with under 1,000 subscribers . After pressing the ready button, please choose your Broadcast Title. Besides, c hoose between Stream Now to broadcast with under 1,000 subscribers.  Even though you have experience in YouTube live-streaming, you need an additional log-in process to activate Stream Now streaming feature. If you haven't tried Stream Now and click the READY button in CameraFi Live, the error message will show up.  Plea

[Manual] How to Use Audio Mixer_Apply MP3 & Audio Files as BGM

Hi, this  is CameraFi Live team. With Audio Mixer function,  you can reproduce two audio sources at the same time in your live broadcast.  It means that you can add the audio file and apply it as the background music in your live broadcast.  Isn’t it amazing??  Here’s the how-to video for using audio mixer feature in CameraFi Live.  If anyone would like to refer to the step by step manual, you can find it right below this video link. So, let’s start from the first step!  1. Open the  left swipe menu . I believe that now you know left swipe menu.    You can open it easily by swiping from left to right. 2. Choose the  red plus(+) button  on the left bottom and add your Audio source. Choose what you want to choose & click OK button at the bottom. *Copyright  is very important issue for live streaming. If you are violating copyright policy, your account could be blocked or removed.  I recommend  YouTube Audio Library  for free music that you can insert in

[Manual] How to Use the Pen Feature

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. From now on, I will explain to you how to use our Pen feature. Pen Feature is located in the new Hamburger menu located in the right-upper corner of your screen. 1. Click on the menu and select the option Pen. 2. Our Pen feature can be used before and during live broadcast. You can adjust Pen’s color and thickness by sliding the bars’ dials located in the left corner of your screen. 3. Draw whatever you want with the pen.  In case you want to change or completely delete what you wrote or drew, you can use the tools Eraser and Trash located in the left corner next to the color and thickness bars.  4. To close the pen feature, just click again on the hamburger menu and select the Pen feature option. If you have any other questions about CameraFi Live, please leave us a comment. Thank you.

[Manual] How to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. Chat overlay is the feature that you can add your chat history in the live video.  Your fans can see the chatting screen in the left while the broadcast  like the picture below . I will show you how to use Chat Overlay feature on broadcast. 1. Swipe from right to the left to control the Right Swipe Menu. In the menu select the option PLUGIN . 2. Choose the option Chat Overlay. 3. The Chat Overlay option allows to choose Chat's color. * Be careful! You  have to press the Chat window on/off button so to activate or deactivate the chatting screen in your transmission. Before you transmit, please check once again if the button is on(the text is yellow) . [Before(Chat Overlay OFF)]    [After(Chat Overlay ON] Broadcasters can activate the chat window by pressing on the chat icon located under the play and stop sign. This is the view broadcasters can see: I f you have any questions about Chat Overla

[Manual] How to Use Screen Capture Streaming and to Broadcast Vertically

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. Due to the increase of the mobile game live-streaming, screen streaming feature of CameraFi Live has rapidly increased. Today, I will introduce you how to use the screen live-streaming function of CameraFi Live. 1. Choose a  Screen mode at the top. 2. Select a live service platform like YouTube or Facebook and click  the START button at the bottom. After pressing the START button, you will  see a grey LIVE button. When pressing over this button you will have access to a wide variety of tools. For example: Home : Go to the server selection page Camera : Activate your selfie camera in your live video Audio : Control the audio volume and audio monitoring feature Mute : Mute the live-streaming(no sound in the video) Privacy : To protect your privacy, we support the private mode. Gallery (only in recording mode) : To move to Gallery to check recorded videos. Settings (gear button): Set up various broadcasting information Overlay : Add a

[Manual] How to Verify your Account for Creating a YouTube Livestream with CameraFi Live(EN/ES/PT)

Cómo Verificar Tu Cuenta para usar YouTube en Vivo(Manual en Español) Como Verificar sua Conta do YouTube para Fazer Lives(Manual em Português) Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. In order to broadcast live through YouTube, you should verify your YouTube account for live-streaming.  Some said it is very difficult to do it.  So today, I will tell you how to verify your account for YouTube Live-streaming with CameraFi Live. 1. Select broadcasting server(YouTube). 2. Choose an account for live streaming. 3. Click on the button READY  so to edit the characteristics of your Live-streaming.   4. When you are done setting up your broadcast's configuration click on the button CREATE . 5.  A message will  pop up for starting the YouTube Live-streaming verification process. Select AUTHENTICATE . [YouTube Account Verification Process] If you click AUTHENTICATE, it goes to the YouTube account verification process. 1. Sign in to your YouTube

[Manual] How to use YouTube Live Poll feature

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. Today, I will show you how to use live poll feature on YouTube. You can create live poll on YouTube. Viewers can vote by  numbers  through chatting. Only one vote counts for each viewer and the live poll will recognize your  most recent  voted number. 1. To open set the theme poll, slide your finger to the left so to open the right swipe menu. Slide through the options and click on the last option called THEME and then on the option POLL. 2. The Poll option will allow you to add and edit the poll you want to set so that your viewers can vote. In the right panel you will find two options: Count and Shape. Count  will add more voting choices to your poll, whereas  Shape  helps you to determine if you want to add fixed images to our poll or not. For example, in the following image we set 4 VOTING COUNTS with shape NONE.  3. After you set your poll preferences, click on the check mark icon to start with your broadcas

[Manual] How to Live Stream a Pre-Recorded Video to Facebook Live

Hello.  This is CameraFi Live team. With a video overlay feature in the left swipe menu, you can broadcast live with your pre-recorded video.  According to the Facebook Platform policy 19.1, please ensure any pre-recorded content is clearly distinguishable from live content. This video will show you how to live stream a pre-recorded video in Facebook Live.  -   Thank you.

[Manual] How to Live Stream on Twitch for Android

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. Today I am going to introduce you how to live broadcast on Twitch for Android devices.  You can use it as IRL(In Real Life) or game live-streaming. Camera Mode for IRL Live You can live-stream what you are taking with your smartphone camera.  Share your real daily life, not in  the internet life.   1)Choose the Camera mode and Twitch platform. Then, choose Twitch  server and click the OK button at the bottom.   2) Click the START button at the bottom and you can see what the camera is taking. Click the red GO button on the right side. 3) Write your streaming’s title. Then, click the purple START button at the bottom. 4)With the red bottom red share icon, you can share your live-streaming via Messenger, Gmail, Facebook, Hangouts, WhatsApp and etc. Screen Mode for Mobile Game Live Streaming Most of Twitch live-streaming is about game. Then, how can you live broadcast your mobile game with CameraFi Live? 1)Cho

[Manual] How To Use Dynamic Text in Scoreboard

Would you like to make your own scoreboard in your live-streaming? How about using dynamic text feature?  You can write your own scoreboard information, team name, and score!  I hope this feature would be helpful for sports streamers. Let’s go step by step! 1. Click the emoji icon on the left bottom. 2. Text icon with star is for dynamic text effects. 3. Click the {} field and you can enter the corresponding value in the scoreboard.  Click the Team1 to change the team name. Here’s a tip of CameraFi Live manager! As there’s a default space in each field,  do NOT erase it all to adjust the location. Please fill in the text according to the space automatically set here.  If you delete all the spaces and then type texts, the position will not be correct and you have to adjust the position of the letters again. 4. You can do the same settings in the Settings menu with gear button on the main page.  Click Dynamic text of EFFECT SETTINGS.  After enter