Check out the CameraFi Studio update on May 25, 2023.

1. Added pitcher's score detail
2. Improved Hotkey feature
3. Added Autoplay function
4. Added Unlisted option to the scoreboard
5. Fixed minor issues

1. Added pitcher score detail

- You can check the pitcher's scorecard results on the Match details of the Info tab.

Picher's Scorecard on Controller

Picher's Scorecard results on the Match details

2. Improved Hotkey feature

- Improvements have been made to enable hotkey settings for each sports type.

- For example, previously if the B key is registered as a hotkey on the baseball controller, the other sports controller cannot register the B key as a hotkey. Starting with this release, you can register the same key as a hotkey if the sports type is different. In other words, you can register the B key as a hotkey in all sports controllers.

※ Due to this change, previously saved hotkey information is initialized. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Hotkey list

- You can check the list of currently registered hotkeys.

- If you need to delete a hotkey click the hotkey you want to delete on the list.

Delete Hotkey

- Improved baseball hotkey for the ball and strike and out button. Previously you had to register a hotkey for each button such as 1 ball (z), 2 ball (x), and 3 ball (c). Now you can register one key for all three as the ball (z).

Baseball Hotkey Registration's Before and After

3. Added Autoplay function

- If a video URL is included, the video will be played automatically on the list.

- On the desktop when you hover the mouse over a match card on the list, the video is automatically played. On the tablet or smartphone, when a match card including video is shown on the screen, the video is automatically played.

- The default of autoplay is ON, and you can change the settings on your account page.

Autoplay settings on the Account page

Privacy setting options

4. Added Unlisted option to Scoreboard

- Unlisted option to have been added to the privacy settings.

- Unlisted matches will not be shown in the match list of Home, but can be seen and shared by anyone with the link.

Unlisted option on Create(Edit) Match

5. Fixed minor issues

- Fixed the focus errors of baseball ball, strike, and out control on the smartphone screen.

- Fixed the layout errors of basketball and badminton player controllers.

- Fixed the layout error in the preview area of the control page.