Check out the CameraFi Studio update on May 4, 2023.

1. Added badminton Controller 3
2. Improved basketball Controller
3. Added usage limitation of Text-to-Speech and Translation functions

1. Added badminton Controller 3

※ The control page with the same scoreboard theme (Squash, Volleyball, Table tennis) has all been added to Controller 3.

Badminton Controller 3

  • Serve

- Serve Begins: You can designate the team to start the serve. 
- Serve Switch Point: You can set the points at which the serve changes. (Scorer, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 point options are provided.)
ex) When set as the scorer, the team that scored has the right to serve.
ex) When set to 2 points, the right to serve automatically changes whenever 2 points are scored regardless of the team.
  • Point
- Points to win a set: You can select the points to win the set. The point can be set up to 30 points, and when the point reaches the set score and the set automatically changes.
- Deuce: You can choose to apply deuce by turning it ON and OFF.

2. Improved basketball Controller

- Fixed an issue of the timer disappearing in Controller 2.
- Fixed the attack time button of Controller 1 to be disabled on scoreboards without attack time.
- Fixed a bug related to the basketball attack time timer.

3. Added usage limitation of Text-to-Speech and Translation functions

- On the Create/Settings popup and Input/Output page, you will see the Text-to-Speech and Translation usage.
- For free you can use 1000 characters/month and if you subscribe you can use up to 3000 characters/month.
※ The usage resets on the 1st of every month.
Usage on the Input/Output page