Check out CameraFi Studio updated on March 16, 2023.

1. Match info card UI change

  • Added sports type to the match info card.
  • The location of the match title and match information has been changed.
Before and after of the Match info card UI

2. Control Page

  • The scoreboard preview can be Stick to top or Unstick.
  • The preview is automatically fixed in the THEME and LOG tabs.

    Stick to top / Unstick of the preview

  • You can resize the preview by dragging the lower right corner of the preview area.

    Size change of the preview

  • Add font size for the match title.
Font size change of match title

3. Real-time Captioning

  • Add on/off to the Automatic sending(A function that automatically sends the input captions without pressing the enter key or the send button at the set time).
Automatic sending on / off

4. Others

  • The Baseball 2 theme UI has been changed to clearly distinguish between the top and bottom markers of an inning.
Before (left) / After (right) of Baseball 2 theme