Check out CameraFi Studio updated on March 09, 2023.

1. Match detail

  • For matches with the match status set to Live, the score of the match is updated every minute.
  • You can instantly update the match score via the button on the top right. (This button only appears during matches Live.)
Match detail PC screen

2. Timer

  • The UI of the existing timer has been improved.
  • Added additional time display for the soccer theme. (This timer is only visible in soccer.) The default is HIDE. To display set the additional time and change it to SHOW.
  • The Count Down timer runs from the set time to 00:00.
  • The Count Up timer counts up from the set time. It does not automatically stop and only counts up to 24:00.
Timer UI with Additional time PC screen

Example of Additional time added on the scoreboard

3. Real-time Captioning

  • In the caption style with speakers, the image type has been modified to image + text.
Caption Settings > Add/Edit speakers PC screen

4. Others

  • The menu changed and you will be able to see the content you made on My Channel.
  • Baseball theme 3 layout error
    Fixed the layout break error that occurred when inserting the team logo.