Check out the CameraFi Studio update on April 20, 2023.

1. Improved search function 2. Improved badminton controller 3. Improved baseball theme 1 4. Improved Create/Edit Match popup 5. Added watermark

1. Improved search function

- Added a date range sorting option to search results.

Date range sorting option

Date range sorting popup

- Added a recent search history. You can check and delete up to 10 of your most recent search histories.

Recent search history

2. Improved badminton controller

※ The controllers with the same scoreboard theme (Squash, Volleyball, Table tennis) have all been changed except for the player controller. Note that the player controllers for each sport will be updated later.

- Added a set display to show the current set. The set display changes automatically when you control the Set score button.

Set display and Serve indicator

- Added a serve indicator function that can be removed by the Show / Hide button.

Scoreboard with serve indicator

- Added player controller.

Badminton player controller

3. Improved Baseball theme 1

In response to user feedback, we have added color-changing and logo-inserting functions to the baseball theme 1.

Baseball theme 1

4. Improved Create/Edit Match popup

  • Added a sports venue search function

- When entering the venue of the match, the address is searched automatically.

Sports venue search

- If you select an address, you can enter a detailed address.

 Example of entering the detailed address

  • Improved team import UI and function

- Added a function to select players when importing a team.

- All players are selected by default.

Example of selecting players

5. Added watermark

With this update, the CameraFi Studio logo watermark has been added to all scoreboards and player list overlays.

※ If you subscribe to CameraFi Studio, the watermark and the ads on the CameraFi Studio website will be removed.

Watermark on Baseball theme 2