Upload Date: July 17, 2023
Update Date: July 24, 2023
Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio Team.

CameraFi Studio is a web-based live streaming support service.
Use our Scoreboard and Real-time Captioning feature to create high-quality live streams.

We has different sports scoreboard themes for 10+ games.

Real-time captioning
Enhance your videos using Open captions and Closed captions(CC) which supported STT(Speech-to-Text), translation, Filtering. 

We supports live streaming encoder software such as CameraFi live, OBS Studio, vMix, Xsplit, and more.

📌 Direct Link to Guide for Beginners


If your CameraFi Live app and CameraFi Studio accounts are linked, you can easily load the game event widget without [Copy URL].

This feature is available in the updated version of Android.

1. On the CameraFi Live screen, click on the widget icon.

2. Click the on the [WEB] tab.

3. Click on the CameraFi logo icon in the top bar, then press the + button.

4. From the Event list, select the game for which you want to use the widget and then click on the Done button.

* Only active games (games for which the event was Edit or Set Widget within the last 24 hours) can be viewed in the Event list.

5. You can check the widgets added in the match event, and the widget you select will be displayed on the screen.

6. If you want to delete the added web source, click on the delete button on the right and then click on the [OK].

7. If you want to change the Events, click on the 🔄icon and the Event list will appear. From the Event list, click on the game you want to change and press Done

📱 iOS - Using in CameraFi Live 📱

In iOS, You can overlay Widget on CameraFi Live, and control on CameraFi Studio.

It controls in CameraFi Studio Web site.

CameraFi Studio supports live streaming encoder software such as CameraFi Live, OBS Studio, vMix, Xsplit, and more.

How to use Web Widget in CameraFi Live?

1. On the CameraFi Live screen, click the widget icon.

2. Select the URL #1 in the Web tab.

3. In URL Settings, copy the URL that you want to overlay.

4. Paste it on URL #1.

5. RED line means Widget get setting on App.

6. On streaming, the widget you want to display is used by pressing ON in [URL Settings].

*  A captured image from CameraFi Live.