CameraFi Live iOS app has been released!

Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team :) Today, we have some very special news to share.

Our highly anticipated CameraFi Live iOS app launch is finally here! Now you can use CameraFi Live not only on Android devices but also on iPhones.

iOS App Features:
• YouTube, Facebook, OBS, vMix, RTMP, SRT, and Recording
You can live stream to various platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

• Image and Text Overlay
You can add images and text before or during the broadcast. Utilize various effects to easily edit real-time video effects on your mobile device.

• Chatting
You can communicate with viewers in real-time through chat.

• Web Overlay
It seamlessly integrates with donation platforms such as Stramlabs. Try monetizing your live streams!

• Motion Graphics (Effects)
With just a few clicks, you can add sports scoreboards, subtitles, like effects, and other animated effects.

• Live Storage
Save your live broadcasts on your smartphone. You can create separate highlight videos later!

To learn more and download the app, click the link below.

Thank you.
CameraFi Live team