Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio team!

We provide controls necessary for streaming and recording various Sports games, enabling you to conduct amateur games as if they were professional games.

You can manage and share sports events easily by utilizing the feature of CameraFi Studio.

🏀 Basketball Scoreboard 🏀  

Use the controller to Stream and Record basketball games, including amateur basketball, youth basketball, School basketball, College basketball, Adult basketball ! 

1. Widget

There are functional differences between basketball scoreboard depending on the widget.

① Basketball 1 ~ 5 : Score, Foul, Game time, Quarter

  • Basketball 1, 4, 5: Attack time
  • Basketball 2, 3: Match name
  • Basketball 5: Court change

② Basketball Lineup 1: Player lineup (with motion)

③ Basketball Position 1: Player’s position on court.

* ②,③ :  [THEME] tab -> Change HOME or AWAY in [Player Overlay].

④ Match Info 1: Team logo (No logo -> team name, Match title, Sports venue

⑤ Lineup 1 ~ 4: Info on Player from Both Teams.

2. Control

[Controller 1]

- It has Point, Minus, Foul and Reset features.

* You can change Home team and Away team color in [Color] of [Theme] tab.

These are common things of the attack / game time control buttons.

- Once the attack / game time press the “START” button, no further control UP / DOWN time.  

- Pressing the attack time START button begins the game time.

- Pressing the game time PAUSE button stops the attack time. 


- Reset:  The attack time resets to 10min.

2) ATTACK TIME(Control by basketball 1, 4, 5 widget)

- Reset: The attack time resets to 24sec(default).

- 24 SEC / 14 SEC: Attack timer starts 24sec / 14 sec.

- If the game time is less than 24sec, the attack timer disappears. 

3) Quarter

- You can change the number of quarters using the UP and DOWN button

4) Court change(basketball 5)

- You can apply a court change after half-time if the direction of attack has changed.

- The position or the score controller, scoreboard team, and player information will be changed.


[Controller 2]

- It has Score, Foul, Quarter, Timer features.

1) Score / Foul

- Control by -, + icon or enter by keyboard.

2) Quarter

- Click on the relevant quarter. Maximum is EQ(5Q).

3) Timer

- You can choose HIDE / SHOW and Count down(downward) /Count up(upward).

- Setting on Game Time can be possible. Timer fix to 10min(default).

3. Player Info

The record written in Player Info can be reflected on the scoreboard and log.

1) Score

- You can record +1, +2, +3

- Undo: The button undo recent recorded score. Recent recorded score display on the button.   

2) Foul

- You can record three types of Foul on ~ ⑤.

- If you want to cancel the record, press the Foul and click on the Cancel. 

3) Change / Out 

- Change: Click on the icon of the player you want to Change, then select Change

- Out: Click on the icon of the player you want to Out, then select X Out

- Once a Player is Out, they can no longer be controlled, and only an Out cancel and change are possible.