Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio team!

We provide controls necessary for streaming and recording various Sports games, enabling you to conduct amateur games as if they were professional games.

You can manage and share sports events easily by utilizing the feature of CameraFi Studio.

🏁 Set Match Scoreboard 🏁

Use the controller to Stream and Record Badminton, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, Squash, Foot volleyball and Table tennis.

1. Widget

Sports type: Serve, Set score, Game score, Match name.

② Match Info 1: Team logos(No logos -> team name), Match Title, Sports venue.

③ Lineup 1 ~ 4: Info on Player from Both Teams.

2. Control

You can use three types of controllers.

* You can set the hotkey in [Controller 1, 3]. 

* You can enter the score and set score using a keyboard in [Controller 2]. 

* You can set Match Setting in [Controller 3].

1) Period of Match

- This divides the period of the match. 

- If you enter the set score in the scoreboard settings, it automatically moves to the next period.

2) Scoreboard Setting

- Control the game score and the set score.

3) Serve 

- You can set the serve. Choose to SHOW / HIDE,  if you choose SHOW, the team which has served will display on the scoreboard.

4) Match Setting

- Set the Serve and Point.

(1) Serve

(2) Point

Serve Begins

Serve Switch

Points to win a set



which team 

to begin serving

Choose which score 

to switch serving

(Scorer, 1 ~ 5)

Choose a point 

to win a set

(maximum 30)


the Deuce 



Having a serve which the team scores

It gets to point to win a set, the set score automatically records and begins the next period

By clicking ON / OFF


Point 2

Automatically change serve, whatever which gained 2 points

3. Player Info

Control the player’s Score / Foul / Change.

1) Score

- You can record +1.

- Undo: The button undo recent recorded score. Recent recorded score display on the button.   

2) Foul

(1) Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, Squash, Foot volleyball, Table tennis

- You can record three Foul, click the O.

(2) Badminton

- You can record three types of Foul on ① ~ ③.

- If you want to cancel the record, press the Foul and click on the Cancel. 

(3) Change / Out 

- Change: Click on the ⋮icon of the player you want to Change, then select ↓ Change

- Out: Click on the icon of the player you want to Out, then select X Out

- Once a Player is Out, they can no longer be controlled, and only an out cancel is possible.