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How to Start Instagram Live with CameraFi Live x Yellow Duck (EN/ID/TH)

Bagaimana cara memulai Live Instagramdengan CameraFi Live x Yellow Duck (ID) วิธีไลฟ์ Instagram ผ่าน CameraFi Live x Yellow Duck (TH)  Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. Here's a tutorial about Instagram live-streaming which many people asked us. You need to install the Windows or Mac program to broadcast live on Instagram. 1. Go to Yellow Duck website. 2. Download the program for Windows or Mac and open it. 3. Log in to your Instagram. 4. Instagram indicates that live-streaming starts immediately after logging in. ✅ TIP! You need to check if your account is streaming live through different account. You cannot use the account logged in with Yellow Duck. 5. Copy your stream key and RTMP URL for the Instagram account. ✅ IMPORTANT:  Keep in mind that as soon as your login passes you have a few minutes window to start your stream since your key will expire in few minutes. If your RTMP URL is invalid, please log in again. 6. Go to CameraFi Live - CUSTOM RTMP and paste your stream key

Tutorial for Adding Images in Effects(PhotoShop Ver.): Remove the Background & Adjust Location and Size

  Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. From version, the CameraFi Live team added Effects with an image included. To apply as in the image above, the background of the image must be transparent. The right size for the image is 1200x800 (3:2). Let's see how to remove the image background and add it to the sample PSD file by Photoshop! If you do not how how to use Photoshop, you can use the photo editing app, PicsArt. Please click HERE to read the tutorial. REMOVE IMAGE BACKGROUND To create a transparent background, you need to remove the existing background using Photoshop. 1. Open the image file. 2. Select the magic wand tool icon on the left menu. 3. Select the background you want to erase after pressing the Shift key. If there is any background not selected, press the Shift key and click it as well. ❗ If the selection is too wide to the unselected area, please check if the Contiguous function is activated. 4. Unlock the background image and press the Delete key to de

Effects & Text Background Images, External Cameras' Vertical Streaming_V1.28.81.0125

  Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. We are happy to announce the release of our latest update. ✔ Add effects and text background images ✔ Support vertical streaming of external camera (USB camera) ✔ Fix minor issues 1. Add effects and text background images The CameraFi Live team has released eight effects for captions or titles and 11 text background images. If you are curious about the newly added assets and usage examples, please click HERE . 2. Support vertical streaming of external camera (USB camera) The vertical broadcast of the external camera, which was one of the most requests from CameraFi Live users is supported from this version. Now, when using an external camera such as DSLR, webcam, or camcorder, you can mount vertically and use it for portrait streaming. If you want to know about how to use the external camera for vertical live-streaming, please click HERE . 3. Fix minor issues We sincerely hope you enjoy this update and look forward to hearing your feedback! You can

How to Livestream with External Cameras in Portrait Mode (EN/TH)

วิธีไลฟ์แนวตั้งโดยใช้กล้องภายนอก (TH) Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. As interest in shopping live streaming has increased significantly, we have recently received many inquiries about vertical broadcasting using external cameras such as DSLRs or camcorders. You can create a high quality live-streaming video by using the professional cameras. In the previous CameraFi Live, when a USB camera is rotated vertically, the horizontal video from the USB camera is displayed vertically small on the smartphone screen. However, the latest CameraFi Live shows your USB camera video vertically with the resolution of 9:16 on your smartphone. VERTICAL STREAM OF EXTERNAL CAMERA When connected to a smartphone while the DLSR is mounted vertically, the vertical video is displayed as shown on the smartphone as the picture below; * The picture is how your smartphone would look like when mounting Canon EOS M50 Mark II vertically. VIDEO SOURCE ROTATION When you mount your DSLR and smartphone, there are ti

New Release: Effects and Text Background Images

 Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. New effects and text background images have been released. If you do not yet know how to use effects and texts, please read the tutorials first. 🔶  EFFECT TUTORIAL 🔶  TEXT TUTORIAL Let's see what effects and text background images have been added in the latest update! EFFECT The CameraFi Live team added 9 effects with dynamic texts and images. You can check newly added effects with the red circle in the upper right of the Effect thumbnail. ✔ Scroll Caption (Mint, Yellow) ✔ Three Caption Bundles (Black, Purple, Red) ✔ Search Bar ✔ Title(Expanded, two line, adding photo) The title effect with photo is to add a portrait photo with transparent background image. You can create an effect to use as a broadcast preparation effect as below; Check the short sample videos below: 🎬  Effect #10: Search Bar & Caption Bundles 🎬  Effect #11: Title with Photo 🎬  Effect #12: Scroll Caption and Expanded Title TEXT In the latest version, the CameraFi Live

Cheap HDMI Capture Cards Streaming Tests - CameraFi Live

  Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. As there is a lot of demand for mobile real-time broadcasting using DSLR cameras, the last posting about cheap HDMI capture card compatibility tests has great views among our recent postings. If you haven't read the previous postings, please click HERE (Cheap HDMI Capture Cards Compatibility Tests) . Today, I will share the test results of streaming with the HDMI capture cards in different streaming environments. A s the streams were done outdoors at different times, please note that they were NOT under the same conditions. The hardware of the low-priced HDMI capture cards are almost the same, so I chose #3. HDMI to Type-C in the previous posting, which is easy to connect with mobile devices.  To compare, we conducted tests with AVerMedia ExtremeCap BU110 as well. Besides, we bought the Canon EOS M50 Mark II, which is one of an entry-level mirrorless camera for entry-level creators. Test Environment Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Androi

[VIDEO] How to Live Stream Your Mobile Game

 Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. I'd like to share two YouTube videos of EXPOSUREEE about how to live stream your mobile game and add alert overlay by using CameraFi Live. 1. Best Live Streaming App For Android | CameraFi Live Complete Tutorial [Hindi] : 2. How to Add Alerts & Overlay in CameraFi Live app [Hindi]: 🔷 How to Broadcast your mobile game - Thank you. Best Regards,

Cheap HDMI Capture Cards Compatibility Tests - CameraFi Live

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. Many CameraFi Live users connect a DSLR or camcorder to an Android smartphone using an HDMI capture card and broadcast the video from the external camera to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. * If you are new to this or need additional information, please click HERE . As smartphones cannot handle the external devices with large power consumption, we have recommended HDMI capture cards that consume less current. As the products we mainly recommend are from $100 to $300, some of you may think it is too expensive. From the beginning of 2020, the Chinese-made HDMI capture cards have been widely distributed at an affordable price from $10 to $30. The CameraFi Live team purchased the products with the expectation that everyone would create high-quality live videos in a mobile environment if they work well on mobile. We will tell you what products we bought and how the test goes in the two chapters: 1. PRODUCTS 2. COMPATIBILITY TEST PRODUCTS We bought eight diff