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Cheap HDMI Capture Cards Compatibility Tests - CameraFi Live

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. Many CameraFi Live users connect a DSLR or camcorder to an Android smartphone using an HDMI capture card and broadcast the video from the external camera to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. * If you are new to this or need additional information, please click HERE . As smartphones cannot handle the external devices with large power consumption, we have recommended HDMI capture cards that consume less current. As the products we mainly recommend are from $100 to $300, some of you may think it is too expensive. From the beginning of 2020, the Chinese-made HDMI capture cards have been widely distributed at an affordable price from $10 to $30. The CameraFi Live team purchased the products with the expectation that everyone would create high-quality live videos in a mobile environment if they work well on mobile. We will tell you what products we bought and how the test goes in the two chapters: 1. PRODUCTS 2. COMPATIBILITY TEST PRODUCTS We bought eight diff

How to Add Video Sources and Use PIP(Picture-in-Picture)

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. Today, we will look at the swipe menu’s first feature, VIDEO. Add & Delete Video Sources 1. On the main screen, if you swipe slightly the to the left, the swipe menu would be seen. 2. Click the (+) button and you can choose the main screen’s video source. 3.   You can bring (left)image or (right) video files from your gallery. 4.  You could rotate or reverse it by clicking the video source and selecting the option. The options are: Rotate left 90° Rotate right 90° Reverse left and right Upside down Reset 5. When deleting video source, press  Delete  button to remove.