Hello, this is the CameraFi team.

Many matches are being created on CameraFi Studio. Here, we will guide you on how to make your created matches known to more people.

CameraFi Studio is putting a lot of effort into search engine optimization (SEO). We are optimizing our site so that more content can be exposed to Google searches, and these efforts are actually yielding meaningful results.

When you search for sports matches or events on Google, CameraFi Studio's content appears at the top of the search results. So how can you make your content appear on Google search?

Just follow these two steps:

1. Write detailed match titles and match introduction information. Include various information, including key points of the match.

2. Update the gallery with photos that can share the match scene.

With a little effort, more viewers will be attracted, and this influx will lead to monetization through channel growth.

- **Event Example**: [2024 Summer Night Run]

- **Match Example**: [Match Example]

We are also preparing various methods for channel growth, such as linking with paid advertisements and other monetization models, so please show a lot of interest and participation.

Thank you.