We are looking for CameraFi Supporters!

Hello😊 This is the CameraFi team.

CameraFi, in collaboration with OBSBOT, is recruiting supporters! We are looking for supporters to create sports live streaming videos using CameraFi Live, CameraFi Studio, and the Tail Air camera. Participants will receive a Tail Air camera & remote, and a free trial of CameraFi Live/Studio.

We look forward to your interest and participation.


- Interested in sports and live streaming.

- iPad or Android device users.

- Want to experience being an ambassador for CameraFi, a global live streaming app with 18 million downloads.

👩‍👧‍👦Number of Supporters

- 10 people

🗓️Recruitment Period

- July 5, 2024 ~ July 21, 2024

🗓️Activity Period

- August 1, 2024 ~ August 31, 2024


- Create and upload to 1 free-form video on the topic of 
sports live streaming and upload it to social media.
(Using CameraFi LIVE, CameraFi STUDIO, and OBSBOT Tail Air)

🔗How to Apply

- Apply via QR code or URL(https://forms.gle/xm1UPZ3tNGc9gdaA7)


- OBSBOT Tail Air with remote

- Content promotion on CameraFi and OBSBOT channels

- 3-month free trial of the CameraFi LIVE & STUDIO app


- sales@vaultmicro.com