Hello, This is CameraFi Studio team.

We provide scoreboards for broadcasting and recording various sports events, helping you run amateur games just like professional ones.

Utilize the features of CameraFi Studio to preserve high-quality video footage of your matches!

🎾 Tennis 🎾

Use our tennis scoreboard to broadcast a variety of tennis matches and keep records.

1. Widget 

Here is the tennis scoreboard widget:

① Tennis: Match name, home/away team scores, set scores, service right. 

            It is recommended to use Tennis 1 without manipulating set scores. 

② Match Info: Team logos (or team names if no logo), match name, location (not shown if no venue info) 

③ Lineup: Information on players from both teams

2. Control

There are two controllers available for tennis:

* [Controller 1] allows for hotkey settings.
* [Controller 2] can display the state of the match.

[Controller 1]

In Controller 1, you can record points for the home and away teams, game scores, and set scores using the [+1] and [-1] buttons. (For set scores, it is recommended to manipulate only in Tennis 2 scoreboard.)

You can also select which team has the service, which will be displayed on the scoreboard.

All entered data can be reset using the reset button.

[Controller 2] 

Controller 2 allows you to display the state of the match.

You can display tie-break, set point, break point, and match point, and clicking on them will show the state of the match in the match title area.

Player control is not available for the tennis category.